Jennifer Lopez Was Seen Grooving With Boyfriend Ben Affleck At Super Bowl!

Jennifer Lopez was spotted at the Super Bowl with Ben Affleck. Love is always in the air, especially when the day itself is the day…

Published: February 18th, 2022 6:34 am | Updated: May 11, 2022 6:34 am

Jennifer Lopez was spotted at the Super Bowl with Ben Affleck. Love is always in the air, especially when the day itself is the day of Valentine, or the whole week is Valentine’s One. If we talk of our celebrities then they have different methods to celebrate.

Some of them are not giving it much value while others are enjoying and dancing publicly with their partners. Many got spotted to date and when it comes to the newly formed couple then we have Jennifer Lopez for us.

Jennifer Lopez who is 52 years old was seen with her partner Ben Affleck who is 49 years old. They both were seen together at the Super Bowl. It was the perfect time for them to celebrate the pre valentine day or the going valentine week. All the eyes were on them for a certain period.

Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleck at the Super Bowl

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They were at the Super Bowl for the game. They were there to watch the Los Angeles Rams as well as the Cincinnati Bengals. It was on 12 February that they both decide to go there. They were at the SoFi Stadium that is located in California Inglewood.

They were seen dancing and enjoying themselves. The singer was wearing a very hot dress that was also very regular. Ben was also wearing a very relaxing regular look that he always carry with a Checked shirt. Jennifer was shaking some legs and at the same time, Ben was also moving in the music beats.

We have seen many celebrities at the Super Bowl. From Cardi B to her husband Offset, Will Smith, and family, Olivia Roderigo too.

Recently Jennifer Lopez has revealed that Ben has given him a Pre Valentine or Early Valentine gift to her. It was revealed by J-Lo that Ben was the one who has directed her latest music video of her song On My Way. This song or video would feature in her recent film that is called Marry Me.

We have seen them once going to the recording studio of J-Lo. Ben was thereafter the arrival of Jennifer Lopez. He was with the kid of Jennifer Lopez. At that time it was not clear why Ben was there in the studio.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben have started dating each other again. They have dated each other at a young age and now they reunited again. Ben and J-Lo are very happy together and enjoying every moment. Ben called himself very lucky to have a second chance with her.