Dead to Me Season 3 Must Watch Series Before Season 3

Dead to Me is an American dark comedy TV Series on Netflix starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini as the main cast. Liz Feldman created this show that premiered on May 3, 2019, on Netflix. The show was renewed for a third season in July 2020 which will air sometime in 2022.

‘Dead to Me’ focuses upon the friendship of two women who are extremely different from each other and whose life struggles are also very separate. But they are connected with a single string of fate that can jeopardize everything including the beautiful friendship they have grown between them. Jen and Judy are two women attending a grief support group.

Jen is grieving for the death of her husband who was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Judy is also apparently grieving the death of her ex-fiance.

The difference between the women blooms into a deep friendship where they support each other. But when Judy’s secret is revealed establishing the fact that Judy is the hit-and-run driver to kill Jen’s husband, their friendship becomes threatened.

The veteran actress Christiana Applegate stars as Jen with Linda Cardellini playing Judy. ‘Dead to Me’ received 4 nominations at the 72nd Primetime Emmy Awards. Scriptwriter Liz Feldman won the Writers Guild of America award for the pilot of the series under the category of best Television: Episodic Comedy.

Before the third season of ‘Dead to Me’ hits the streaming media, here are some more shows that you might like you enjoyed ‘Dead to Me.

Must Watch Shows like ‘Dead to Me’:

Big Little Lies-

Number of Seasons: 2

Based on the novel of the same name by Liane Moriarty, this American TV Series is created by David E. Kelley. The series focuses on the trio Madeline, Celeste, and Jane. Jane is new in town and a single mother. But after her involvement with Madeline and Celeste, the effect of her and her little boy on the group is something else than expected.

As the title suggests, ‘Big Little Lies is about big and little lies that shape and change our lives. With ex-husbands and second wives, the show perfectly pictures the life struggles of the characters.

‘Big Little Lies’ stars an ensemble cast including Reese Witherspoon as Madeline, Nicole Kidman as Celeste, and Shailene Woolley as Jane. Iain Armitage, famed as young Sheldon in the sequel of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘Young Sheldon‘ plays the role of Jane’s inscrutable son.

Meryl Streep joins with them in the second season Celeste’s mother-in-law. The show has been largely critically acclaimed and the three main characters won ‘Golden Globe Award’. It ran from February 19, 2017, to July 21, 2019.

Grace and Frankie-


Number of Seasons: 7

Like ‘Dead to Me’, the two main women characters of ‘Grace and Frankie’ are also extremely different from each other, but eventually form a beautiful friendship. Grace is retired cosmetics mogul who is sharp-tongued and Frankie is an idiosyncratic art teacher.

When their long term husbands express their love for each other and declare their decision to get married, their lives get upside down. The wives have never liked each other that much, but nevertheless get closer after this.

The cast of ‘Grace and Frankie’ include Jane Fonda as Grace and Lily Tomlin as Frankie. The show premiered on May 8, 2015 on Netflix. The seventh and final season was aired on August 13, 2021 with twelve episodes remaining to stream in 2022.



Number of Seasons: 3

Based on Lindy West’s book ‘Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman’, this comedy TV Series is developed by Aidy Bryant, Alexandra Rushfield, and West herself. The series focuses on Annie and Fran and their friendship.

Annie is a young woman who is faced with difficulties for being fat in a world where body shaming is most common. But Annie does not want to change anything about her body, though she definitely wants to make her life better.

She has to struggle with undeserving boyfriends, a perfectionist boss, and sick parents. But in all these she gets Fran, her bestfriend and roommate beside her.

Aidy Bryant and Lolly Adefope star as Annie and Fran. The series premiered on March 15, 2019 on Hulu and ran till May 7, 2021.

The Flight Attendant-

Entertainment Weekly

Number of Seasons: 1

The Flight Attendant‘ is similar to ‘Dead to Me’ in incorporating a mystery death with the person responsible for the death being a puzzle. Based on the novel of same name by Steve Yockey this mystery thriller stars Kaley Cuoco, famed for playing Penny in ‘The Big Bang Theory’, in the main role. It premiered on November 26, 2020 on HBO Max.

Kaley is here Cassie Bowden who is an American flight attendant and also a reckless alcoholic spending her time having sex with strangers and passengers when she is not working. In such an occasion she wakes up in hangover in the morning in a hotel of Bangkok after a night of alcohol and sex. But when she discovers the dead body of the man she spent the night with, her life takes a newer turn.

Being completely unable to remember what happened at the night, she becomes very afraid and cleans up the crime scene without informing the police. But later on New York City, she is questioned by FBI agents while still having hallucinations about the night.

Broad City-


Number of Seasons: 5

Based on Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson’s independent web sereis of the same name, this television sitcom is inspired from the real life friendship of Glazer and Jacobson. Glazer and Jacobson respectively appear in the series as Ilana Wexler and Abbi Abrams as the show navigates the growth of their friendship and life struggles.

The series ran from January 22, 2014 to Match 28, 2019 on Comedy Central. It received a number of critical acclamation along with being one of the best television shows of 2010s.

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