Saweetie Celebrated New Year Eve in Miley Cyrus New Year Eve Party in Her Silver Dress!

Saweetie was looking stunning in her silver dress. New Year Eve went quite well for everyone. Everyone had some plans while others have no plans. Some people decided to celebrate it with their loved ones while others decided to watch the performance of their favorite singer or rapper on the screen, all alone.

Well, the latter sounds quite well. If we are talking of the parties on New Year Eve then we can’t forget about Miley Party for New Year on NBC in which raper Saweetie came to perform her hits.

Saweetie, a rapper of 28 years old was already celebrating her New Year with her fans and she performed her hits on the NBC channel through Miley Cyrus‘ New Year Party. She performed her hit song called Tap In as well as Icy Chain on the show. She said goodbye to 2021 and welcomed 2022 with her songs and full of energy.

The show of Miley Cyrus for New Year Party was shot in Miami Florida. She performed her songs in her iconic look and iconic hairstyle. She was wearing a glittering dazzling outfit. It was a silver bra top that was glittering in the camera and she matched it with the pair of silver heels that were also glittering. She also matched her bottoms with her heels and top. To cover her lower half, Saweetie was wearing a lime green covering.

Saweetie And Miley Cyrus at New Year Eve Party

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When it comes to her hair then it was blonde and shaved that suited her the most. She was revealing her figure that was flawless as ever. When it comes to her background dancers then they were also matching with the rappers. The background dancers were also wearing boots of silver color.

They were wearing pink outfits and looking great with the rapper. To give a little support to Saweetie, Anitta also came. She is a Brazilian singer who also came to perform with the rapper in the song called Faking Love Song.

Saweetie has recently enjoyed her days on vacation. She was seen wearing a bikini which she has uploaded on her social media handle. She has also uploaded a slideshow as well as a video in which we can see her maintained body. She captioned these pictures and videos with “Pretty B***h Trip” which was matching with her debut album Pretty B***h Music. She shared her location as the “somewhere you not”.

Saweetie is a rapper of America and she released her debut single called Icy Girl In the year 2018 and in the same year she has also released her High Maintenance. Her debut album was Pretty B***h Music that made her famous.

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