Shawn Mendes Clarified Whether He Is Dating Sabrina Carpenter Or Not!

The singer Shawn Mendes recently revealed whether he is dating Sabrina Carpenter or not after they were seen at a party together. There are a lot of celebrities who were dating and will still date but when it comes to confirmation then it has yet not arrived.

And if any direct questions are asked to these celebrities then they generally try to avoid it. These celebrities come forward and talk about that in a very friendly manner by clearing all the rooms that have surrounded them at one point in their life.

The 24-year-old Shawn Mendes recently revealed that he is not dating anyone. Recently it was in the news that Shawn Mendes is right now in a relationship with 23-year-old actress Sabrina Carpenter.

But according to the singer himself, he is not at all dating anyone including the actress. It is just the rumors which are going around them ever since they were seen together at a party.

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Shawn Mendes

It was on 13 March when Shawn Mendes decided to come forward and clear all these things. He was there to promote his partnership with Tommy Hilfiger and wanted to make sure that his discussion remained focused.

Answering directly, Shawn Mendes said that they are not dating, it is just speculation but at the same time, one should talk about his collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger rather than Sabrina Carpenter.

It was in February 2023 when they both were seen together at dinner. They both were smiling and were seen being serious in a conversation while sitting right next to each other. A lot of people were speculating whether it is just a friendship or they started coming into a relationship.

They were also seen together in Beverly Hills where Miley Cyrus was celebrating her latest album called Endless Summer Vacation in March 2023.

These were not just the outing that has gained a lot of rumors as they both were also seen attending the Vanity Fair Oscar Party on 12 March 2023. Shawn Mendes was seen wearing a black suit with a green pendant necklace while on the other hand, the actress remained beautiful in her attire.

If we talk about the relationship with Shawn Mendes then he was dating officially the singer Camila Cabello till the time of the decision to separate in 2021. He also dated the model Hailey Bieber in 2017 and soon after she got married to Justin Bieber.