Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson Remixed Will Smith Song Miami In Miley Cyrus NYE Party!

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson performed together in Miley Cyrus’s NYE part. New Year Eve has always have been great for everyone, it brings new resolutions and new hope for people.

When it comes to celebrating this special day then we know we like old songs for our favorite artists. And that is the reason why many channels show some of the programs where our favorite singers perform our favorite track. Many programs aired on television last night, along them was the party of Miley Cyrus.

Miley has recently hosted a party for New Year in Florida where we have seen some singers and rappers performing their hits. Among them was Miley Cyrus who has performed her hits, including Party In The USA. Miley has hosted this program or party with the bae of Kim Kardashian, that is Pete Davidson, host of SNL.

Miley and Pete together performed the remix of Will Smith’s song called Miami. They have changed the lyrics and performed them on stage. We have seen Pete rapping the parts of Will Smith and Miley was also doing the same in some pop tones.

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson’s Performance


Miley was seen wearing a blue top and a mini skirt with rainbow stripes colors. She was also wearing a loose furry rainbow jacket that she carried with some jewels and her blonde hair. On the other side, we have seen Pete wearing an extra-size shirt that has a lion body print on it and for the pants, he has chosen rainbow stripes. Pete was also wearing a cap. They both are looking party-ready.

When it comes to the lyrics of the song then they have changed it according to the party theme and scenario. In the lyrics, Miley reminded the audience that she is the host and Pete is her cohost. She also mentioned her song Party In the USA in the lyrics. In the show, we have seen a good bonding between the SNL host Pete Davidson and the pop singer Miley Cyrus.

Pete is always in news related to the time he is spending with her girlfriend Kim Kardashian. She was seen with Pete a lot of times in December 2021. Sometimes we captured them together on movie dates and sometimes dinner dates.

We have seen that how these two are also spending some time with each other’s family and seems like they are quite serious about it. Pete is right now on break due to the COVID pandemic that hit again. And this is the reason why he is trying to spend a lot of time with Kim.

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