BTS React to Ashley Park’s cover of ‘Dynamite’ for ‘Emily In Paris Season 2’

“I admire BTS for everything they’ve accomplished as artists and, more importantly, as Koreans on a worldwide stage.” BTS members have reacted to actress Ashley Park’s interpretation of ‘Dynamite,’ which was included in an episode of Netflix’s Emily In Paris.

BTS’s RM and V have expressed their admiration for the cover of Emily In Paris‘s second season, which was recently released. After landing a job as an emcee at a drag bar, Mindy (played by Ashley Park) takes to the stage to perform the hit song in the opening episode of the new season.

Leader RM came to Instagram a few days after the episode aired to share a narrative about the scene with the comment “WOW.” In the background of the video, you can hear the idol laughing.

Meanwhile, BTS vocalist V showed his support for the cover by sharing it on his own Instagram account, tagging the TV show, and adding a heart emoji to the description.

Actress Ashley Park later retweeted both BTS members’ tweets, expressing her admiration for the group. “Honestly, I’m still buzzing from this.

BTS Members shared the post on the Instagram


In a now-deleted Instagram Story post, Park expressed her gratitude to the two idols for sharing the scene. According to Koreaboo, she tweeted, “Truly flabbergasted that members of BTS had shared the [Emily In Paris] ‘Dynamite’ performance.” “I have so much respect for [BTS] for what they do as artists and especially as Koreans on a global stage,” she says.

“I’m overjoyed that you appreciated this cover as much as I enjoyed singing it.” Come to Paris next time, and hopefully, we’ll be able to sing together,” she added.

Following four sold-out headline gigs at LA’s SoFi Stadium and their appearance at the LA stop of iHeartRadio’s 2021 Jingle Ball Tour, BTS is taking a break for the first time since 2019. When Big Hit announced the sabbatical, he said, “The period of rest will produce the members of BTS… a chance to get re-inspired and refuel with creative energy.”

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