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Taylor Swift Channels Princess Diana’s “Revenge Dress”. Befor the Release of “Red (TV)”

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Updates: Taylor Swift taped a talk show appearance in a magnificent black dress that is reminiscent of Princess Diana’s famous ‘revenge dress’ just hours before she released the re-recorded version of her album, ‘Red.’

On the afternoon of November 11, Taylor Swift taped an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, only hours before releasing Red (Taylor’s Version). The singer looked great in an off-the-shoulder black dress with a low-cut neckline and black heels for her appearance on the chat program. Her hair was styled straight and with bangs, just like in the red era, and she wore dangling earrings. Of course, she was wearing her signature red lipstick!

The breath-taking photographs of Taylor making a rare talk show appearance went viral, and Swifties didn’t take long to figure out why Tay’s attire looked so familiar. The style is eerily reminiscent of Princess Diana‘s famed “revenge dress,” which she wore in 1994. Diana’s version had short sleeves compared to Taylor’s long ones, but the overall aesthetics were very similar.

The “revenge dress” was named after Diana wore the little black dress on the same night that Prince Charles publicly confessed to cheating on her. Taylor‘s re-release of Red has been seen by fans as a sort of vengeance against Scooter Braun and her old record label, Big Machine Records. Red was Taylor’s first album, released in 2012. It was one of six albums she released with Big Machine before departing in 2018.

Taylor Swift Shared the Details of “Red (TV)”.

Taylor Swift

Taylor’s decision to depart Big Machine was prompted by label boss Scott Borchetta’s refusal to allow her to purchase the label’s masters. Instead of being able to buy the masters entirely, Taylor would have had to produce one new album on Big Machine for each prior album she wished to recoup, which would have amounted to six more albums.

Instead, she chose to relinquish control of her masters and sign with a new label. Only a few months later, Taylor learned that Scott had opted to sell the masters to Scooter Braun, with whom she had previously had conflicts.

Clearly, the singer felt deceived by the decision, and as soon as her contract allowed it, she began re-recording the music she had released under Big Machine. Fearless (Taylor’s Version), her first re-recorded album, was released in April 2021.

On November 12, Red (Taylor’s Version) will be released, and it will include a number of never-before-heard songs that were not included on the original album, as well as all of the songs that were recorded the first time around.