Cardi B Receives A Creepy Letter From “You”-Penny Badgley

Cardi B was in for a shock when she got another bundle close to the home Thursday. She got a container with a letter endorsed by Joe Goldberg, the unpleasant primary person of Netflix’s You, played by Penn Badgley. Inquisitively, the rapper got the bundle only half a month after Netflix delivered the show’s third season.

The bundle incorporated a letter “endorsed” by Joe, just as a cap perusing, “Hi, you.” The letter starts, “My following and killing might make me a confirmed oddity, seven days every week, except it likewise carried me to… you. Cardi B, you have special insight into online media. You’re significant. Considerable. I very much like you.”

“You’re valid and nuanced… similarly as you are with your music,” the letter proceeded. “You cause me to remain alert, the ones that are left, at any rate.

Cardi B Receives A Creepy Letter From “You”

Cardi B


“Wasn’t me, swear,” the Netflix Twitter account answered, adding a winking emoticon. The association between Netflix and Cardi came soon after You Season 3 hit the decorations on Oct. 15. The show appeared on Lifetime in 2018, however moved to Netflix with its second season in December 2019.

While Cardi doesn’t have a direct association with You, the “WAP” rapper’s fans realize she cherishes the show. At the point when a fan brought up that Badgley once said he was an enthusiast of Cardi’s, she went off the deep end on Twitter. “OOOOMMFFFGGGGGG HE KNOWS ME !!! OMGGGG!!!!!! Yoooo like I’m renowned well known,” Cardi composed on Oct. 16, including a lot of shouting emoticons. She additionally changed her Twitter profile photo to an image of Badgley.

At the point when Bedgley showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he was inquired as to whether Cardi could at any point make an appearance on You. “I don’t have a clue,” she answered, reports E! News. That appeal has above and beyond 1,000 marks requesting that You cast Cardi in a job.

You depend on the book by Caroline Kepnes and its spin-off, Hidden Bodies. The series focuses on Joe Goldberg, a book shop director, and chronic executioner.

In Season 1, he follows Elizabeth Lail’s Guinevere Beck in New York City, however, he moves to Los Angeles in Season 2, where he meets hopeful gourmet expert Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti). A fourth season is being developed, so it is up to leader makers Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble to track down a job for Cardi.

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