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Tom Holland Revealed Zendaya Was His All Time Crush

Tom Holland
Teen Vogue

Tom Holland Updates: Last week, Timothée Chalamet offered the public exactly what they wanted when he practically revealed Tom Holland was the celebrity crush of Zendaya.

The giddy moment captured by  Buzzfeed spread to every corner of the internet. And, yes, a piece of new information comes up that Tom had previously openly admitted his lover for Zendaya.

The friends and co-stars sat down to take the BuzzFeed Best Friend Forever Test, wherein they answered questions about one another.

Timothée had a casual yet chic look. He wore a white jacket with a tan collar over a white shirt. Whereas, Zendaya looked elegant in an olive zip-up suit with shoulder-length brown locks neatly primped and parted on the side.

Fans have gone to social media to drool over the lovely connection of Timothée and Zendaya. Some hawk-eyed fans have even uncovered proof that her crush has already been reciprocated. Lauren Garafano of Buzzfeed recently posted a clip on Twitter saying, “I will literally never get over the way Timothée Chalamet name drops Tom Holland as Zendaya’s celebrity crush, and she just giggles.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya Together

Tom Holland
Teen Vogue

A fan responded to this tweet by posting an old clip of Tom Holland admitting Zendaya being his celeb crush. Tom responds “Zendaya” with zero doubt, after a brief moment to chug on some water. However, he eventually retracts his statement.

Even though Timothée was brave enough to reveal the celebrity crush of Zendaya, she has not been particularly secretive about her relationship with Tom either.

The two spent a lot of time together this summer. The duo appeared to confirm their connection in July as they were seen making out in a car when it stopped at a red light.

Earlier this week, the Spider-Man star shared a gorgeous black-and-white snapshot of Zendaya at the Dune screening over Instagram. He labeled it with the title of the film and a ‘heart eyes’ emoji.

She responded to his tweet with an emoji of her own, the moist-eyed ‘pleading eyes’ look, implying that her feelings were mutual.