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Wonder Woman Star Gal Gadot Responds to New Batman & Catwoman in DC Universe

Gal Gadot
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Gal Gadot Updates: Gal Gadot, the face of Wonder Woman, welcomed Robert Pattinson and  Zoe Kravitz, of The Batman, to the DC Universe.

Gadot previously appeared with Ben Affleck’s Batman in Justice League. However, The Batman will have its own chronology within the greater DC Multiverse.

Gadot told Variety that she was pretty pleased seeing the Caped Crusader back in business after the newest trailer for The Batman at DC Fandom was released.

Gadot also revealed that Robert looks fantastic in it and that she adores his voice and the general tone of everything.

Gadot also welcomed Zoe Kravitz to the DC Universe’s The Batman as Selina Kyle, aka Catwoman. She is one of the most prominent figures in comic book history.

Kravitz follows the path of past Catwomen such as Eartha Kitt, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Anne Hathaway. The new Selina Kyle seems to be a more minimal, basic cat robber who will engage in a romantic conflict with the titular hero.

Talking about Zoe Kravitz, Gadot said that Zoe is a real sweetheart and that she loves her. She also mentioned how Zoe is a gifted and beautiful person.

The actress also quipped that she would urge Warner Bros. CEO Walter Hamada to make a film starring Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and other female favorites combined.

What Gal Gadot Says About New Batman & Catwoman?

Gal Gadot
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While such a notion may appear difficult, it is not unattainable inside the DC Multiverse. Barry Allen will be manipulating the boundaries of the Multiverse by tampering with time in the forthcoming Flash film.

As a result, Barry must collaborate with some other form of himself while simultaneously encountering his universe’s Batman (Affleck) and Michael Keaton’s Batman from another universe!
Barry’s tampering with time’s laws could lead to the Wonder Woman of the Worlds of DC someday meeting Batman’s version of Catwoman.

Fans of DC, including Gadot, have responded favorably to the current The Batman trailer. And Kravitz’s Catwoman is one of the future film’s crucial aspects. If the film is as popular as it appears to be, there is enough room for spin-offs centered on the iconic character.

The remarks of Gadot fuel the conjecture, potentially paving the way for a possible female team-up or even a battle. It would be pretty fun to see if Wonder Woman can match up with Catwoman and fight in some possible future project.