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Robert Pattinson’s Batman Story is the Part Most Hero Stories Skip


Batman Updates: Robert Pattinson’s film is exploring a time most of the hero movies skip. Batman movie is exploring the period time of a hero’s career which most movies gloss over.

The movie has evolved into its own beast. Robert Pattinson is the Dark Knight of Gotham City and The Batman promises a brutal and darkened version of the iconic DC character. This movie also looks very disconnected from the DC movie universe.

He is a very young pick by Bruce Wayne. Robert’s debut is confirmed to take place in his second year as the film. His time at crime-fighting movies has just started.

This movie will be unique among all the superhero movies. Bruce Wayne went from a rookie in Batman Begins to an established hero in The Dark Knight.

Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man went through the same process. Tony Stark, Gal Gadot also had the same journey.  In the film, that trend is gone and it poses a different question.

All About Robert Pattinson’s Batman


Once the hero is initially transformed, but not fully developed what will happen? Robert’s hero is already known to Gotham, and the Batman is shown to be working along with Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon.

The movie is very highly anticipated. This is now a unique origin story, not like other superhero movies. The 3 stages in a superhero’s protagonist lifecycle are “the origin story,” then “the peak “and thirdly “the veteran”.

However, the gap in-between the original stage and the peak is a wide one and also not an interesting one if we were to speak for the big pictures. Like take for instance Bruce Wayne goes from a rookie in Batman Begins to a predominant hero in The Dark Knight.

Here The Batman leaves the old tradition and brings in its new form. This movie is crossing all hype and is creating an eagerness in the minds of all the fans. Batman promises to do something new in a genre that routinely reconsiders the same ideas time and time again.

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