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Scott Speedman Shares What Surprised Him About You Season 3

Scott Speedman

Scott Speedman Updates: British Canadian actor, Robert Scott Speedman had played the character of Matthew who is a wealthy CEO in the series You on Netflix.

In the first episode of the series YOU, he had vengeance sought for Joe Goldberg, on his brain after the sudden death of his wife, Natalie played by Michaela McManus.

In regards to Felicity Alum, to portray a character who begins to have a mental breakdown as he gets intensely deeper into Joe Goldberg’s circle was both interesting and thrilling; at one point he got so involved in the orbit that he wouldn’t know what actually was he doing.

In an interview with the ET, Speedman said that it was really fascinating because the character started from a different angle and by the end, it was in a completely different place.

The 46-year-old actor is also playing the love interest for Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy.

When asked about what is so astonishing about his character in YOU, he said that he was flabbergasted about the character’s journey in the whole season; the biggest astonishment of the journey was the reconciliation with his son, Theo from his first wife.

What Scott Speedman Shared Said About You Season 3?

Scott Speedman
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Speedman went on to say that the biggest stunner of the show is that it involves a lot of death to be dealt with.

The ending of the third season of this series left many things on the open, like the way Joe presented a murder-suicide at the Madre Linda home he shared with Love (R.I.P.), the residents of the waspy Northern California enclave thought their nightmare to be over.

With the characters unaware of many revelations and Joe starting a fresh life in Paris could it be a possible route for the fourth season is the question?

Speedman cackled and added that the story seems to have more as there are tons of questions like if whether his character would follow him up to Paris and uncover some truth or if some other lives are infected due to his deeds and many more.

Although no circle was closed by Matthew in regards to Joe yet he survived without getting himself killed.

Speedman added that this show has a very different storyline, the characters are very appealing and according to him he feels his character still does wants revenge for his wife’s killing but well then maybe that would be a different storyline far different from what is already happening in the show.

The series, YOU is already being streamed on the Netflix platform.