Robert Downey Jr. never going to return as Iron Man!!

Robert Downey Jr. Updates: Robert Downey Jr. as the brilliant Tony Stark in Iron Man and it has been more than a decade that we…

Published: October 20th, 2021 6:49 am | Updated: October 20, 2021 6:49 am

Robert Downey Jr. Updates: Robert Downey Jr. as the brilliant Tony Stark in Iron Man and it has been more than a decade that we have seen him in this way and now it’s going to be pretty hard for all of us to see the Marvel future without him being on it and yet this movie would still be seen as this is an A-list movie.

This movie is still all set to roll on even without Tony Stark being there on it and the fans have to accept this hard-core truth.

Providentially there are more of the new MCU series that are available on Disney Plus to keep us engrossed.
Many fans await and hope the return of Tony Stark into the MCU but all we can say is it’s better to not have such hope, although it makes sense for him to stay dead despite the miraculous power of Marvel to undo and redo deaths at their will however this doesn’t mean at all that the fans won’t catch Robert Downey Jr. in projects outside of Marvel as he is, After all, he’s retiring only from the MCU & not from the Hollywood industry.

From the Avengers series( Infinity War) the third movie had shaken the fans when so many of their favorite superheroes dies away at the hands of Thanos as he acquires his newly earned six rings.

Apparently, we saw the deaths of Iron Man, Black Widow, and Vision which were irreversible deaths — even if only two of the three actors won’t be back.

What Robert Downey Jr. Shared About the Role?

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We all want Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark to be continued but as all good things come to a conclusion so is this but this does not at all imply a complete conclusion of Tony Stark it’s just that we have been more accustomed to him being there on MCU but possibly we could hope for some prequels or some flashbacks where we again see him perform his character in MCU.

Robert Downey Jr, hilariously in one of his recent projects has him roped in the role of a super-intelligent, and sarcastic genius.

Also, we know that Sherlock Holmes season-3 is in pre-production and this is outstanding news for the fans of Sherlock who tuned in for the first two in 2009 and 2011.

The two-time Oscar nominee, Robert Downey Jr. also has two more projects in the making first is the-The Sympathizer TV Mini-Series in pre-production and the second one is the All-Star Weekend which is in post-production.