Creator Hwang Dong-hyuk Says Squid Game Season 2 Has Deeper Meaning

Hwang Dong-hyuk Updates: Squid Game Season 2 is a guarantee, considering that the Korean Netflix series has become a global phenomenon, And is well on its way to becoming the most-watched show in the service’s history.

And while Netflix has violently opposed this model, while its competitors haven’t quite as much as everyone else, Netflix does weekly releases these days while they stand alone.

But when it comes to reality competition-style shows, Netflix also makes an exception, airing them either weekly or a few episodes at a time every week, allowing the finale to air on its own.

Why? Because in those cases, you don’t want people to know who wins on the first day of release, and… oh well, maybe you can see where I’m going with this.

What Hwang Dong-hyuk Shared?


The Squid Game may be a drama, but when Season 2 inevitably brings us a new game, it will be a fantastic competition series where eliminating each player will be a big “moment” and the eventual winner will be a mystery (even though The winner of Season 1 was somewhat obvious).

There were nine episodes in Squid Game Season 1, and a total of six games were played, meaning that most episodes consist of one game and a lot of deaths and it remains to be seen who won or who survived.

I’ve actually noticed that Netflix is ​​doing this with some other foreign shows, according to the terms of their licensing deals, and I think Squid Game Season 2 will be even more of an “event” in this format, a competition that Will hold the whole world for 2+ months, even if it’s fictional, you know.

I don’t really expect Netflix to do that, given that they’ve never really had deals before where they’ve faced or reality competitions, but it seems like that’s exactly the kind of series. A weekly release model was created.

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