Squid Game Season 2 First Look Photos Revealed!

Recently first look of Squid Game Season 2 has been out by Netflix, on their social media Platforms. One of the series so popularly and widely watched, Squid Game was one of the series to have become Netflix’s most streamed show of all time with a whopping 1.65 billion viewing hours – within the first month itself!

If that wasn’t enough, the OTT giant also released a reality game show spinoff ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ which was also quite popular (but raised a few questions on ethics).

But the thing is that fans want more. Voila! Netflix has dropped a 17-second teaser of Squid Game’s second season – so it’s pretty official, the next season is coming!

For those who probably need a recap for the first season, here’s what happened (warning: SPOILERS. So if you haven’t completed the first season, stop reading now!).

The game is about 456 cash-strapped players who had originally accepted the invitation to participate in a series of classic Korean children’s games – the prize is 4.56 million. What’s difficult?

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What Does Squid Game Season 2 Have in the Store for the Viewers?

Squid Game Season 2

The fact that it’s a very, very difficult game with a ton load of gruesome and gore. The stakes are super high, which involve risk, injury, and even death to other players. Within the second half of the first episode, viewers notice that the Korean children’s game is bloody.

By the end of the first season, however, Gi-Hun (one of the main protagonists) emerges victorious. However, his morale is broken and he sees through the carrot-dangling of the game thus he decides to thwart any future attempts of the game recruiter to enlist any more players for the next season.

Sean Boelman (film and TV critic) suggests that the voice on the phone might belong to one of the First Season’s Front Man. Would Gi-Hun regret his decision?

Maybe the second season could end with Gi-Hun returning to the games, regardless of whether he returns to his own will or against his choice.

The teaser of the Squid Game Season 2 looks like a ‘classic revenge’ thriller – from the sets of Liam Neeson’s Taken. Boelman believes that the second season may bring back some of the dead characters in the first season.

All of the excitement, but Netflix hasn’t quite confirmed when the second season will be airing in 2024.