James Gunn Revealed Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 Won’t Be Delayed

James Gunn Updates: James Gunn’s famous Marvel movie franchise Guardians Of The Galaxy is a story of a group of heroes who travel throughout the universe to save people and also complete their missions.

The movie already has 2 parts names Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 1 and Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 2 both directed by James Gunn.

Marvel has officially confirmed 3rd part of the film series in 2021 ComicCon along with upcoming movies and series of phase 4. In a recent interview, he cleared the title of the movie which will be “Guardians Of The Galaxy Volume 3”.

And also there is a spinoff series of this movie that is also under development which will be called “Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special”.

In the recent interview, he confirmed the villain of the upcoming movie also which will be Adam Warlock which will be played by Will Poulter.

What James Gunn Shared?


James Gunn is re-hired for the movie because he was fired after the 2nd part got released but when actors and fans started a campaign for bringing him back, Marvel doesn’t get any choice rather bring him back to direct another part of the Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise. And also in a previous interview, he said that this will be his last project in MCU.

Previously James Gunn was working for DC and he gave them two projects “The Suicide Squad” and its spin-off series “PeaceMaker”. One of which is released and is currently a hit while the other is arriving in January 2022. DC hired James Gunn just after Disney fired him from the project and it was beneficial for him.

The plot of the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy movie will be complex because actress Zoe Saldana in her Instagram story told that the script is very good and impressive and all the cast fully agreed with her especially Dave Bautista.

The film will start filming from ending of 2021 and which will require 6 months of filming and equal time in post-production. So we might get a trailer at the end of 2022.

Karen Gillian in her post told that the script of the movie made her cry and she was sobbing after reading the full script. So viewers should be ready to experience the get a full emotional movie in which James Gunn experienced.

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