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Johnny Depp Mobbed By Fans in Rome During Rome Film Festival

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp Updates: John Christopher Depp,58, is an American actor, producer, and musician. He has received various awards that include- Screen Actors Guild Award and Golden Globe Award. Along with these, he also got nominated for three Academy Awards and British Academy Film Awards.

Though in the US, Johnny is considered a pariah, he still is loved and supported by his fans from outside the country. He receives a lot of support and love from Italy where he is considered a rockstar.

In some clips, we got to see how JD is getting cheered up by his fans from afar and he waves to the crowd and plays along. He showed his new animated TV series, PUFFINS at the Rome film festival on Sunday to which he received a massive cheer up.

You can surely tell from Johnny’s appreciation, bowing down to them, blowing kisses to his fans, screaming out his name, and giving his time to acknowledge his fans, that he is grateful for these folks and them supporting him and encouraging him. Usually, we find celebrities, just posing in front of the camera, but Johnny does appreciates his fan’s crowd too.

It is even found that, while he got out of the building presumably where the premiere was held, the crowd of his fans was waiting outside the backdoor of the building, to which, he didn’t show hurry but gave time to his fans, eventually getting into a waiting SUV.

What Johnny Depp Shared About Rome Film Festival?

Johnny Depp
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Johnny Depp announced to his fans on his home front that he is being blacklisted and excluded over his defamation case in the UK, of abusing his wife Amber Heard, which is a dynamic turn to his image, as he also got branded as a “wife-beater”.

After this incident, he got fired from the projects he had already signed into, and has been unable to land a mainstream Hollywood character since…

He is Loved and welcomed by a lot of European fans with open arms despite the defamation of hostility against Amber.

Perhaps, it is that the people are unwilling to believe the allegation to be true despite the court order, which is not in his favor. Irrespective of circumstances, it is found that Johnny is still shining and loved by a lot.