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Magic: Legends Refunds, Spinoff and Other Details

Magic: Legends

Magic: Legends Magic: Legends Updates: An Action RPG game, Magic: legends which are still in Beta will be decommissioned soon. Developer Cryptic Studios recently declared that they will be shutting down the game in October 2021, promising a full refund for the players.

The game that took place in the universe of Magic: The Gathering is an RPG action game entitled game. Magic: Legends game was released in March 2021 as a beta version in the Epic Games Store. The game was set up in the expansive universe of Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering card game.

The game was expected for a console release by the end of 2021.  However, it received mostly negative comments, particularly in terms of its performance and monetization practices.

Magic: Legends The game “Missed the Mark”:

Magic: Legends
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Cryptic Studios announced on Tuesday that the game will be decommissioned on October 31, 2021, and the game’s servers will function up to October 31. Anyway, the in-game Zen shop will be closed immediately. The developer’s blog posted that the game simply “missed the mark”.

The money spent by the players on in-game purchases will be refunded to them. The cryptic studio shared that they are very grateful for the opportunity to work within the world of Magic: The Gathering

Magic: legends’ The lead writer, Winter Mullenix shared his views of the game in a May interview. He showed a great intellect for Magic: The Gathering and he told that more the world would be explored through Magic: Legends.   Despite the high vision of game developers for this game, the cancellation leads to convincing that this is a new and sudden development. 

Though M: L have received mixed feedback, understanding and handling negative criticism is a natural part of any beta version. To conclude, it’s a shame that this game cannot able to move into the next phase and will be wrapped out this Halloween. 


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