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Magic: The Gathering Liliana Vess’s Amazing 5 Scenes

Magic: The Gathering
Screen Rant

Magic: The Gathering Updates: The Magic : The Gathering is a combination of various characters who have efficiently moulded this Multiverse into such a huge success. Urza, the great manufacturer is a perfect example for the all powerful dragon overload. Recently, Liliana Vess had an entry into the lore and made a huge impact on it.

Liliana made her first gaming debut in 2007. She was part of the Lorwyn as the first black Planeswalker card. She is intact older than all other Planeswalker present within the lore. In the game, she is over a century old.

She is not just a small villain, but a complex character. She has an experience in hope, heartbreak, tragedy, triumph, friendship, and more.

When Liliana Poisoned Her Brother

When Liliana poisoned her brother, she never planned of doing so or being a person to be related with the dark arts. It was just destiny that showed it’s real face. Infact, she used to be healer and loved her brother Josu very much. But, a relative of the Vess family tricked her about the cure. She was being told that the cure was ultimate for her sick brother. Liliana poisoned Josu with the soup that the man had given her as a cure.

Magic: The Gathering: When Liliana Made A Pact With The Demons

Magic: The Gathering
Screen Rant

Now, after being a true practitioner of the black magic, Liliana was much more strong, influenciable, and had immense knowledge. That’s when she made a deal with the four demons in different aspects. She is just wanting to have all of it, which is obviously going to be difficult.

When Liliana Joined Gatewatch

Liliana joined the Gatewatch after impressing Jace Beleran and others with her immense powers. This led Liliana to help take the fight to Nicol Bolas on the desert world of Amonkhet, though that mission ended in failure for the Gatewatch.

When Liliana Freed Herself

In this scene, finally Liliana was freed of all these dark evilish powers, and deals. Now, she was cherishing her freedom. Unfortunately, all this happened at the cost of Gideon’s own life, a fact that Liliana did not take lightly.

When Liliana Became A Professor 

In this scene, it’s shown that finally Liliana gains back her own identity and continues to teach at the Witherbloom school. At last, Liliana is fighting for the sake of others.

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