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Viola Davis pens an emotional note to daughter Genesis on her 11th birthday: You make my life

Viola Davis

Viola Davis Updates: Viola Davis, his wife Julius Tennon, and their mother Mary Alice Davis watched Genesis with a Harry Potter-themed cake at the Los Angeles Sugar Factory

Viola Davis’ girl Genesis was lucky enough to have a supernatural birthday party this weekend.

The cheerleader, partner Julius Tennon, and mother Mary Alice Davis attended Genesis 11th Birthday Celebration at the Los Angeles Sugar Factory on Saturday, where the family shared a cute photo with the teenager’s Harry Potter cake made.

Davis, who invited his daughter into his family through an appropriation in 2011, honored Genesis on her birthday with loving recognition from Instagram.

“Could I be more perfect!?!?! All my loved ones … my daughter, my husband, and my mother. Happy eleventh birthday G. Mother, father, and grandmother love you very much,” Davis, 55, captioned that Family photo. “You make my life. I love you !!! ❤❤❤❤”

The Help star also shared a video of the luxurious watermelon margarita she requested at her little girl’s party, which the restaurant later returned to on the organization page.

“Happy Birthday!” Howard composed while Spencer added, “Happy Birthday!”

“Happy Birthday Genesis,” replied Tina Lawson.

What did Viola Davis say About Daughter?

Viola Davis
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Davis praised his 10th birthday celebration and spoke about Genesis on Instagram, which he called “our pulse, our affection, our son”.

Davis, who is also a stepmother of the two Tennon boys through past connections, opened up to PEOPLE about parenting in 2019, saying her affection for Genesis outweighs “anything she needs from the material world”.

“I allow you to understand that you must regard everything as happiness. In fact, even your mistakes, your disappointments, your victories, it seems, to the last detail.

In other parts of the world, Viola became a leader in July 2020 when she spoke about the development of BLM. Regarding diversity, he said, “I feel like there has been dissent for as long as I can remember. My organization is my dissent. Not wearing a hairpiece at the 2012 Oscars was my disagreement. It is actually part of my voice, just like knowing myself and really knowing myself: “My name is Viola Davis.