Lucifer Season 6 Adding Young Actor to Cast

Lucifer Season 6 Updates: ‘Lucifer’ has always been in limelight. The show has got immense love from fans around the globe. Now, the series is already for the next season 6. However, this time there would be some new characters and one among them is a very actor who will join the show as Jimmy. Here’s everything you should know about the new character.
Anderson Bloomberg as Jimmy
Soon fans would be able to stream their favorite series on Netflix. The date has been revealed and now the wait is only if few weeks. The season would introduce a new character of Jimmy. Earlier also Netflix has brought many new faces in the series.
However, this time it would be different as the new face is a very young actor. Anderson Bloomberg would be seen in the role of the young Jimmy. From the recent pictures of the promotion, it is depicted that the new character would entertain the viewers at least in one episode.
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Anderson has an acting background as his mother Jennifer Pfaltzgraff, is also an actor. Before Lucifer, Bloomberg has worked on few projects such as A Cure for Love and also in Death and Michael’s Hearing Problem. However, Lucifer is his biggest project to date. Bloomberg would be seen in the role of Jimmy, a young boy. If you hate spoilers, then it’s an alert.
There are certain pictures out that tell a lot about the next upcoming story. From the pictures, it is depicted that Jimmy in real is a young version of the villain Jimmy Barnes. Jimmy Barnes was seen in season 1.

Lucifer Season 6: Jimmy is the new villain

If fans could recall season 1, they must not have forgotten Jimmy Barnes. He was the villain and the character was played by John Pankow. Jimmy actually murdered Delilah (AnnaLynne McCord), who was Lucifer’s friend. Lucifer in rage to take his revenge made him insane.
To date, the plot is not very clear. However, it is depicted that the character is somewhere from time. As in the teaser of season 6, Lucifer was seen back in time in the ’80s.
So, we can predict that Jimmy is also the part of same time zone. Moreover, no further details about the plot are yet clear. Till then fans could rewatch the previous seasons and can wait till then.

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