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Virgin River season 4: Who is Paige?

Virgin River season 4
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Virgin River season 4 Updates: Paige Lassiter (played by Lexa Doig) has been following her trip after fleeing an abusive relationship in Florida on the Virgin River. She opened up to Preacher (Colin Lawrence) in her new town, eventually prompting her to tell him the truth about her background and forcing her to flee once more.

Fans have enjoyed their growth over the three seasons of the Netflix series, especially now that Preacher is caring for her son Christopher (Chase Petriw), but they are already wondering what season four could hold for them.

From season one, Preacher and Paige’s character journeys have been at the center of one of the show’s most appealing and perilous stories. Paige, originally known as Michelle Logan, first arrived in town in season one and mostly kept to herself. She was fleeing her former life, terrified that her prior connection with a violent ex-husband would come back to haunt her.

After Preacher gained her trust, she disclosed her secret, which she had been keeping from her ex-husband, Wes (Steve Bacic). Wes was able to locate her down and reintroduce himself into her life just before she disclosed the truth.

Virgin River season 4: Is Paige Safe?

Virgin River season 4

However, this was short-lived, as Paige, in self-defense, knocked Wes down a flight of stairs, killing him. Wes’ brother, Vince (also Bacic), came to town in search of him, prompting Paige to escape once more.

Some viewers have noted on Reddit that there is still much more of Paige’s tale to tell, especially since her kid is still in town. However, other fans believe that the Preacher and Paige storyline should come to a conclusion, resulting in a clear fan divide.

However, after being drugged and robbed by Paige’s so-called closest friend in the season finale, it is unlikely that Preacher will be in any condition to save her in season four. Paige is still missing, Preacher is crippled, and Vince has returned to town after locating Christopher, the future looks bleak.