Aquaman 2: James Wan discussed on the process of movie-making

Aquaman 2 Updates: Aquaman 2: James Wan discussed on the process of movie-making, While little is known about Aquaman 2 (officially titled Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom), director James Wan has revealed an unexpected source of inspiration for the DC film. According to Wan, the picture starring Jason Momoa is heavily influenced by the campy 1960s Italian horror classic Planet of the Vampires (via Slashfilm).
Wan stated, “Planet of the Vampires had a tremendous effect on Aquaman 2.” “You can take the horror out of the kid, but you can’t take the boy out of the horror.” Planet of the Vampires is a pulpy science fiction horror film directed by Mario Bava and released in 1965 about the crew members of two space ships who crash land on an alien planet.
While crash landing on a distant planet is frightening enough, things quickly spiral out of control when the planet’s disembodied occupants seize the bodies of the crew killed in the accident and reanimate them to slaughter the survivors.

Aquaman 2 Surprising Inspiration

“This is partially due to their unfamiliarity with the comic book, which takes place in a dark, strange world,” the author explains “Wan made a remark. “People were astonished that I didn’t just throw everything out and make a bleak, dismal movie.
However, I didn’t believe it was the right match for it. As a result, I believe that with the second image, people will be more inclined to accept where we’re heading since I’ve already laid the groundwork.” The sequel’s “horror sensibility” has previously been hinted at by Wan.
Wan told fans at last year’s DC fandom, “I would guess there will be a little amount of it in this next one.” “I would think there will be a little amount of that in this next one, much like the first movie had a touch of my horror sensibility in it, in relation to the Trench scene,” Wan remarked. “I feel that’s a big part of who I am, and it just comes out organically in these kinds of movies,” she adds.

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