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Fortnite Leak Reveals Game’s Halloween 2021 Plans

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Fortnite Updates: Halloween is always an exciting and great time for players of Fortnite because of the yearly Fortnitemare events. There’s a rumor about Horde Rush which has hyped a lot of players of Fortnite. But even if it isn’t true then players have a lot of exciting skins, unlockable items, and themed content available to them as Halloween is rushing towards them.

Epic Games may have some epic plans for Fortnite players with Halloween coming closer. @HYPEX, a prominent leader of Fortnite that players will have the great surprise of Horde Rush LTM returning to Fortnite this Halloween season. In a tweet by @HYPEX, they explained what Horde Rush is.

As players work their way up to the final boss, in Horde Rush you will see players take on different waves of opponents with a four-player co-op mode. This mode of Horde Rush was first launched in 2019, summer. But with the Halloween season coming, this rumor may just be true.

@HYPEX got positive responses on his tweet for Horde Rush from fans and they also shared how fun it is to play in Horde Rush’s mode. A lot of players will be elated if in October we will actually see a return of LTM.

It has been a long time since Horde Rush has been offered to its players. Readers should still be wary of the rumor even though @HYPEX has a great record for these rumors coming true but it wouldn’t hurt to be cautious and wait patiently till the time an official announcement is made by Epic Games for Horde Rush LTM.

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According to @HYPEX, these are the items that players will get within the Horde Rush LTM which should make them elated. These items are as follows: –

Everything about this Horde Rush LTM was posted on 8th August by @HYPEX.

Currently on PC, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One, Fortnite is available. You can also keep a check on your game’s previous coverage.

The players who are playing Fortnite, what do you think of Horde Rush LTM coming back to Fortnite? If you are a new player then would you like to have a chance to play it in that mode? What’s your experience of playing in that mode?

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