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Fortnite May Be Adding Preferred Item Slot Option, According To Leak


Fortnite Updates: Fortnite is about to add the most requested features to the game. Epic games’ very popular Battle royal shooter was released in 2017. From its release, Epic games always supported the game with updates and expansion. This makes Fortnite the most popular game in the field.

Sci-fi themed skins:

Fortnite recently bought back the Thanos skin to the game. The most popular Marvel comic villain, Thanos skin first arrived in 2018. The skin was incorporated in the game as a promotion for the Infinity war movie. At that time Players can control, the Mad Titan and can wield the infinity gauntlet.

Fortnite’s recent focus on sci-fi themes made players expect more alien characters in the game very soon.  Dexerto revealed that the Preferred Item slot option may be added to Fortnite in the future update.

When this update is added, some weapons and items will automatically sort into certain slots in the inventory. It will spare the tedious process of arranging the items during the game.

This leak came from a Twitter user HYPER, who is well known for his accurate Fortnite predictions in the past.

Sci-fi weapons in Fortnite:

Game Rant

The 7th season of Fortnite brought an alien theme into the game. It also brought the sci-fi theme weapons which added a distinct flavor to the game. However, Fortnite still maintains the game’s balance and art style. Some of the Sci-fi weapons include the Kymera Ray gun, which fires an energy beam that is devastating to human players but mostly ineffective on solid structures.

Another reliable weapon in the game is Pulse Rifle. It is popular for its deadly accuracy. Apart from these, there are also other alien items that will aid the players in Combat like the Recon scanner. It marks the enemies and chest in the surroundings where it is fired.

Epic Games continue to improve Fortnite, both through Content updates and also through quality-of-life patches. This rumored addition of improvement falls into the quality-of-life category. As it allows the players to automatically organize their inventory. Moving items in the inventory are an annoying process during the game, but this feature will eliminate that inconvenience.

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