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NCIS Season 19: Michael Weatherly NCIS return: Will Tony Dinozzo star in NCIS

NCIS Season 19
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NCIS Season 19 Updates: Michael Weatherly, who co-starred with Mark Harmon and David McCallum as Leroy Gibs and Ducky Mallard, was one of the show’s founding characters, having appeared in every episode since its premiere on CBS.

The romance with Agent Ziva David (Cote de Pablo), who joined in season three dominated Agent Tony Dinozzo’s tenure on NCIS. Despite their ups and downs, the couple did have a happy ending in the end.

Tony and Ziva had slept together before she went for Israel, where she allegedly perished in a mortar assault, according to Season 13. Tony left NCIS to care for their daughter Tali in Family First, but Ziva reappeared in season 16 since she had survived.

She pretended to be dead to protect Tali and Tony, and when he discovered Ziva was still alive, he invited Tali to join them in Paris, where they now all live.

NCIS Season 19 Tony Dinozzo

NCIS Season 19
Daily Express

Despite earlier stating that she would not return to NCIS, actress Cote de Pablo surprised fans by returning in 2019. If she does return to the series, there’s a high possibility Tony will be with her because they’re now a relationship.

There has been no confirmation of the cast for the forthcoming season, including actor Weatherly, as of yet. There’s also a chance that Weatherly will be too preoccupied to return to NCIS.

Weatherly began starring in his own CBS series after leaving his role as Tony Dinozzo behind. He plays Jason Bull, the main character, a psychologist and trial science specialist who supports clients in selecting the finest jurors and developing the greatest argument to win cases.

The bull will have the sixth season while NCIS will have the 19th season. As a result, there’s a high probability Weatherly won’t be able to star in both NCIS and Bull’s most recent series.

CBS and the NCIS producers have yet to confirm or deny Tony’s involvement in Series 19.

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