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NCIS Season 19: Want To Know A Few Secrets?

NCIS Season 19

NCIS Season 19 Updates: As we know that NCIS Season 19 was the most like series and the NCIS squad is actually trying to make everything in the way that the admirers are expecting to see it. NCIS Season 19 can be very much exciting. It has gained a lot of admirers and fan base over a long period.

In the season 18 finale, we have seen that the boat in which Gibbs is traveling was found to be broken. We know that the team has started to search for Gibbs, as they find a boat that was destroyed. But they come to know that Gibbs was accompanying Marcie Warren, the Journalist, and they both are after a homicide.

And Gibbs was very much alive, they again learn that this might be going to make the homicide believe that he was dead and then he will not fear him anymore. So that he will not hide and they can catch him in a faster way as possible.

NCIS Season 19 Latest Details

NCIS Season 19

The talk is that the makers are making a few changes to the drama, for the forthcoming season 19.

There is a list of a few, whom we can expect to be seen in the coming season:

(Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs) by Mark Harmon
(Agent Timothy McGee) by Sean Murray
Wilmer Valderama (Agent Nicholas Torres
(Brian Dietzen) by Jimmy Palmer
Casey Hynes (Diona Reasonover)
Katrina Regulation (Agent Jessica Knight)
Rocky Carroll (Leon Vance)
Pam Dober – Marcy Warren
Catherine Cortez – Thelma McKeever
Virgil McKeever-Dave Florek
Travis Hammer – Deputy Randall Sledge
Taryn Westbrook – Deputy Regina Angar
Jennifer Barens – Marta Jimenez
Derek Chariton – Loni
Ally Davis – Sandy
Colin Land – Agent Brent Hollister

It is probably a mandatory hire purchase.

The timings and date of NCIS are announced to be changing. Actually, the schedule was on 8/7c period on Tuesday. They are changing the timings from 8/7c period on Tuesday to 9/8c Monday.

There is some positive news to the admirers about their preferred role, Mark Harmon and David McCullum might be getting back in the season.