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Chicago Fire Season 10: Will Monica Raymund return as Dawson?

Chicago Fire Season 10
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Chicago Fire Season 10 Updates: There’s a lot to look forward to in Chicago Fire season 10 as well. Sure, knowing that the next season will offer closure to many of the season 9 cliffhangers is undoubtedly the first thing that comes to mind, but there is a lot more for fans to look forward to in the forthcoming season.

For starters, the One Chicago crossover events are set to return, with the casts of Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago PD expected to reunite in each show’s second episode this season. Then there’s the 200th episode of Chicago Fire, which is set to premiere in October.

Derek Haas, the showrunner of Chicago Fire, has already revealed that the show has huge plans for its milestone episode, but might those plans involve the return of any popular characters like Monica Raymund’s Gabby Dawson?

Raymund has made two cameo appearances on the show after leaving after season 6, making her one of the rare cast members to return after their character’s departure from the show. Could Raymund make a comeback in Chicago Fire’s 200th episode, given her popularity among fans and the fact that milestone episodes are known for bringing back famous faces?

Chicago Fire Season 10 Monica Raymund return

Chicago Fire Season 10

When Monica Raymund departed from the Chicago Fire, fans were left with one huge question: when will she return? Raymund left the NBC drama and her role as Gabriela “Gabby” Dawson at the end of Season 6, and her story was wrapped up in the Season 7 premiere. Thankfully, that wasn’t the final appearance of Raymund’s Dawson.

Monica Raymund delighted fans when she returned to her role as Dawson during Season 8 after much expectation and optimism. Dawson reunited with her ex-husband, Matthew Casey, after Raymund’s short comeback. Would Raymund be willing to do it again, given that she has returned to Chicago Fire since her original exit?

In response to the idea, Raymund stated: “The door is open at all times. I’m now working with Starz, although it’s not a long shot, so we’ll see how things go.”

If (or when) Monica Raymund returns, Chicago Fire may have to wait a while for her to return, which isn’t necessarily a negative thing. The show has been renewed by NBC for season 10, so Raymund has plenty of time to return.

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