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Chris Hemsworth REVEALS his ‘little side hustle’ as a pet detective with son; QUIPS he prefers cash over love

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth Updates: The 37-year-old Marvel star Chris Hemsworth gets associated with a new title. The actor recently took to his Instagram about his love for pets. He shared an adorable snap of him holding his pets while his sons Tristan or Sasha helping him.

He captioned the post as, “A little side hustle I got goin, pet detective,”. In the snap, Chris is seen in a brown T-shirt with gray shorts and wearing a cap. He was holding on to so many animals, for sure his pets.

So this includes two parrots, a rabbit, a baby alligator, and many. Chris also added, “Just returned these animals to its rightful owner. My son. He’s trying to repay with love. I’d prefer cash,”. Chris now becomes a new pet detective.

Chris also posted his family’s workout session last day on his Instagram account. It’s for sure that he is purely a “Family man”. His family workout includes horsing riding and skating. The snaps which Chris posted, first show him teaching his daughter India Rose Hemsworth how to skate, and second riding a horse.

Chris Hemsworth reveals his love for pets

Chris Hemsworth

Chris married his long-time girlfriend in 2010, it’s over a decade. Elsa opened up about the secret of their happy married life. Elsa said, “We enjoy doing the same stuff and Chris has a great sense of humor and knows how to take the sting out of things.

He always makes me and the kids laugh or when I’m angry, he tells a joke to lighten the mood. Humor counts a lot. More than anything, I enjoy laughing with him. Humor counts a lot. More than anything, I enjoy laughing with him.”

Chris is one of the most famous Hollywood actors and is seen in many amazing Marvel creations which include Avengers: Endgame and many more. He announced that he is taking a break this year to spend some quality time with his family.

He added, “I just want to be at home now with my kids,”. So he is now having time with his kids and enjoying it. He also shares through his Instagram account how he is enjoying his days.