Nathan Fillion Is Fine Not Playing Nathan Drake in Uncharted Movie

Nathan Fillion Updates: Nathan Fillion is fine with not reprising his role as Nathan Drake in Sony’s long-awaited Uncharted film. Fillion was one of the top possibilities to portray renegade treasure seeker Drake when a film adaptation of the famous Uncharted gaming series was originally in production in 2008.

He agreed with the concept and even encouraged it. In fact, in 2018, he went one step further and played Drake in an Uncharted fan film. Fillion’s performance was well-received, but as Sony decided to take the film in a new direction, he didn’t get a big-screen part.

Rather than following the games closely, the Uncharted film will be a prequel focusing on a youthful Drake. The explorer will be played by Tom Holland, while his mentor Sully will be played by Mark Walberg.

Uncharted has taken a long time to get off the ground, even with a cast and a director (Ruben Fleischer) in place. Filming eventually began last year after several delays, and the picture is set to release in February 2022. However, given how many times that date has changed, supporters may be skeptical.

What Nathan Fillion Shared About the Movie?


Fillion recently chatted with GAMINGbible about his upcoming film, The Suicide Squad, which comes out next week, and briefly discussed his frustrations about not being cast as Nathan Drake from Uncharted. The actor was specifically asked if he has any regrets about losing out on the part.

Even though Fillion’s involvement with Uncharted is over, it’s good to know he has no grudges towards the project. There’s little doubt that Fillion would have been a great Nathan Drake; his position on Firefly seems to be tailor-made for an adventurer. Many admirers consider him to be the ideal Drake, but Fillion’s love for Holland is heartwarming.

Because it’s a prequel, there’s some trepidation around Uncharted. Fans’ desire to see someone like Nathan Fillion as Drake in Uncharted is apparent, but it’s unclear whether a younger version of the character will elicit the same level of enthusiasm.

Still, Fillion appears to believe that Holland’s film will be exactly what fans have been waiting for, so maybe others will agree. Uncharted has only been teased with a few photos and a sliver of video, so most of the film remains a mystery. As the film approaches its release date, expect additional updates in the following months.

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