Nathan Fillion Breaks Silence on Uncharted Movie and Nathan Drake Snub

Nathan Fillion Updates: Many PlayStation fans hoped to see Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake before Sony chose Spider-Man star Tom Holland in the role. Most people believe that not only does Fillion look the part, but he has also played the treasure hunter in an unauthorized short film. However, it wasn’t meant to be for Fillion, who was recently questioned about the snub and whether he had any regrets about the part.

As one might expect from a media-trained actor, Fillion deflected the issue with ease, refusing to say how he felt about being passed over for the part. The actor did add, though, that he believes Sony waited too long to profit on the IP.

Fillion goes on to say that all of his “boxes have been ticked” and that he feels Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg will produce a fantastic performance.

What Nathan Fillion has to say about the Uncharted Movie?

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“My only regret is that we had to wait so long for someone to do something so we could see some Uncharted things,” Fillion remarked in an interview with GamingBible. “Aside from that, I believe I’ve ticked all of my boxes.” I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it. I enjoy movies, and those actors have never disappointed us; Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, come on. We’re going to have a blast.”

As you may be aware, Tom Holland’s portrayal of Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s portrayal of Sully has proven to be divisive.

While Sony has defended the castings on several occasions, stating that they wanted a younger Nathan Drake and Sully than the games, fans of the Naughty Dog franchise have questioned not only the actors’ temperament and acting styles but also how neither look like the characters.

It remains to be seen if Holland and Wahlberg can escape the video game movie curse that has claimed so many films, albeit Sonic the Hedgehog and Mortal Kombat have lately broken it. PlayStation fans won’t have to wait long to find out, since the film is set to debut on February 18, 2022, providing it isn’t postponed again.

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