Marvel Explains The Real Difference Between Iron Man & Captain America

 Iron Man & Captain America Updates: In the latest issue of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers tells Ms. Marvel about the actual difference between Captain America and Iron Man.

What could be the actual difference between Iron Man & Captain America?

Recently in Captain Marvel magazine, Carol Danvers confirmed another major difference between Captain America and Iron Man in Marvel Comics. Although both Avengers are heroes themselves, why they fight and why they refuse to give up, is completely different.

When Captain Marvel woke up because he was too stubborn to sit down, Cap and Iron Man had their reasons for continuing the fight. However, his views seem contradictory, and it informs Marvel’s Civil War and beyond.

Captain Marvel 30 has a short backup story for Jamie McKelvey called Ripples, in which Carol Danvers is seen spending some time with Kamala Kan’s Mrs. Carol, feeling displeased as a hero lately, and Kalanga is the perfect person to provide the much-needed encouragement.

Showing Carol in her place all the little things that are best for Carol’s actions. Thanksgiving has changed. However, when Carol expresses her concern that her insistence on returning as a hero isn’t enough, she shares some interesting thoughts about her Avengers teammates, Captain America and Iron Man.

None of them are inherently bad


The story reveals that Captain America wakes up because it is the right thing to do, while Iron Man wakes up because he believes in the future. It provides some interesting ways of exploring the motives of the heroes, especially the idea that these beliefs are contradictory.

Captain America struggles to focus on things, relying on his stoic demeanor. However, Tony struggles to focus on the latter, doing everything he can to protect his goals for the future. When placed in something like the Civil War, it makes perfect sense why they were on opposing sides in the MCU in comedy and on screen.

An interesting contrast indeed, and although neither of them is inherently evil and still allow Steve Rogers and Tony Stark to be their protagonists, it gives a pretty rational explanation. That’s why they rarely get along. The civil war turned into a full-blown civil war.

Captain America stuck to his morals and refused to settle on what he believed was right, ignoring the wishes of the American people, before finally surrendering. Iron Man was so focused on fighting and eradicating a peaceful future that he built a black prison on an element that existed outside of traditional laws, created a black Thor clone, and injected the nineties into it. Is. The blood of the villain who made her a doll in his hands. As long as they achieved the goals, the methods were meaningless.

While Civil War is an extreme example of the opposing views of Captain America and the unruly Iron Man, they reflected their diverse views in small ways in Marvel Comics without the end of the war.

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