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Kate Winslet Recalls Her First Big Red Carpet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet Updates: For Kate Winslet, red flooring is still “so nerve-wracking” after almost 30 years in the business. However, she says the print, sweat, and heels at the 70th annual Academy Awards were incredible because of an amazing dress.

At the 1998 Oscars, where Winslet was named Best Cheerleader for her role in Titanic, the star appeared in an emerald Givenchy suit with gold fabric and coordinated with a bolero specially designed by Alexander McQueen.

“It looked like a woven design,” she says of the dress she wore with a bolero set. “I just have to keep it simple, the dress wasn’t exactly comfortable to wear. Or else she was wearing it. But it was amazing considering she had it.”

Winslet will make exceptions for a colossal night like the Oscars, but most of the time he will likely go for a volunteer road style that just allows him to relax (and not cause epic closet failure).

“In any case, I just trust that I can shut up and that I feel really good and that my feet don’t hurt or that I don’t have my period,” says the East town mare about her voluntary argument in the issue of the current PEOPLE week, on Friday on the stands.

During the meeting, Winslet also spoke about being named global ambassador for L’Oréal Paris and attracting young film producers with the Lights on Women Award for pristine splendor.

Kate Winslet: Big Red Carpet Debut

Kate Winslet

“This second time feels so extraordinary given that this is another day of rest for all women. I imagine we are paying special attention to each other in a very unique way … being together. I might be worried make, that’s L’Oréal. ”

Last month, in a public statement announcing her new organization, Winslet said, “I have struggled to get to a place where I do not express remorse for who I am, the place where I see my shortcomings acknowledge. I prayed to Paris to say: It takes boldness and solidarity to accept that you are great. ”

The animator admitted that“ occasionally you are uncomfortable in any way ”. But he is confident that with his new crusade, L’Oréal Paris, due to start in late June, he will remind people that “this is what makes us all human”.

“We all have minutes like this,” said the Oscar winner. “Anyway, the more you say these words and believe in everything you really are and still stand out, then with the time and confidence you’ll feel great at that point too.”

Winslet joined a team of other Arunddown L’Oréal Paris ministers including Viola Davis, Eva Longoria, Helen Mirren, Elle Fanning, Aja Naomi King, and Camila Cabello.