Camila Cabello Dresses As Anne Hathaway In The Princess Diaries!

Camila Cabello paid her tribute to Anne Hathaway this Halloween! Camila Cabello paid her tribute by dressing up as Mia Thermopolis for this year’s Halloween to Anne Hathaway’s character in The Princess Diaries.

The popular singer shared her recent post of herself on the occasion of Halloween. She shared a photograph on Instagram this Wednesday in which she was wearing her costume and she captioned it with “I’m just a girl from Genovia trying to make her way in the world.”

Cabello was wearing an exact copy of Mia’s red dress, an iconic one paired with a tiara and a replica of her grandma’s book, “The Princess Diaries.” She even styled her hair to match Mia’s iconic look.

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Camila Cabello Dresses As Anne Hathaway In The Princess Diaries For Halloween!

Camila Cabello

The costume of Camila Cabello is quite popular among fans. Her costume hits the internet every time. She also got praised and appreciated for her creativity and idea of a tribute to Mia.

One fan said, “This is the best costume he has seen in the last few years!” One said, “You look so adorable and beautiful”.

Another fan wrote, “I love what you chose as your costume, you are looking gorgeous!”.

Singer’s costume is a gentle remainder of the film “The Princess Diaries” and how much popular it was been back in 2001. Typically a cult movie for that era and still it is. Her costume is the perfect display of her skill and how much she is.

Apart from a hut successful career in the music industry, Cabello also made her acting debut in the movie Cinderella in 2021, and now she is all set for her upcoming movie Rob Peace.

Camila Cabello is a very talented a versatile singer, has a huge fan base, inspiration for many.