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GTA Online Players Really Don’t Like KDJ & Sessanta

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: The latest update for Grand Theft Auto Online Los Santos tuners has launched KDJ and Sesanta, a pair of coven characters that online players don’t like at all. Rockstar Video Games rolled out the Los Santos tuner update a few days ago, giving gamers access to automobile culture-based content that Grand Theft Auto Online had not previously explored in any real depth.

KDJ and Sesanta are not exactly fan-favorite characters

The latest content drop brings a new batch of races, 10 new customizable vehicles, several quality-of-life changes, robbery-style contracts, and the recently added LS Car Meet. The latter, in particular, opened a new social hub and club to show users customized cars, test new cars on a private track with friends, and allow other users to change their vehicles in real-time. Provides facility.

Auto Shop ownership serves as another recently implemented feature, opening the way for players to initially meet KDJ and Sesanta, partners in the crime who have been involved in their robbery contracts to lead the charge. Use skills. But while their contributions to Los Santos tuners offer interesting gameplay opportunities, KDJ and Sesanta themselves aren’t exactly fan-favorite characters.

GTA Online’s Los Santos tuner update went live on July 20, yet players have already come to a consensus about KDJ and Sesanta. Simply put, the pair didn’t like the pair at all, we can see proof of which in the many posts shared on the GTA Online subreddit.

Why are KDJ and Sessanta not liked by GTA Online players?

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There are some reasons behind this, so let’s try to know them.

The most notable thing about these two characters is their attitude towards the player, which has unfairly upset some GTA Online fans. In the grand scheme of things, everything these two do is harmless to the player. We can see their behavior and attitude as unpleasant. Unsurprisingly, many GTA Online players have created many of his memes as well, and he continues to be compared to other fan favorites.

There are it may upset three main reasons GTA Online fans about KDJ and Sesanta.

1. KDJ and Sesanta Act Like They Own Auto Shop.

2. KDJ and Sessanta talk down toward the player.

3. Too much romance.

These can be only three main reasons due to which they are being disliked. Grand Theft Auto Online can now be played on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms as well.

So you must tell us by commenting whether you like KDJ and Sessanta or not?