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Mortal Kombat: The Japanese God That Inspired Raiden, Explained

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Updates: Series co-maker John Tobias’ plan for Mortal Kombat’s Raiden was propelled by Raijin, a Japanese divine force of roar with an altogether different look.

Raiden Mortal Kombat

Raiden, the amazing lord of roar from Mortal Kombat, was enlivened by the thunder divine force of Japanese folklore, Raijin. Raiden’s maker, John Tobias, chose to join this original into MK’s universe in the wake of coincidentally finding a portrayal of Raijin in a gallery while making the principal Mortal Kombat.

Raiden’s last plan took almost no from Raijin, eventually. His ensemble and the visual plan were for the most part based on Big Trouble in Little China’s The Storms – Lighting, specifically. The idea for Raiden, however, was initially brought into the world from Raijin.

Mortal Kombat’s God Tiers Explained: How Powerful Raiden And Fujin Are

As Tobias described on Twitter, he initially ran into Raijin while at The Field Museum in Chicago. In a show of Japanese ancient rarities, he saw “a caution down icon cut from stone” portraying Raijin and “knew” Mortal Kombat required a lord of thunder. He later discovered portrayals of a similar thunder god as “Raiden,” portrayed as a “pot-bellied evil presence” conveying a drum. Both Tobias and Boon chose this portrayal that didn’t fit the style of Mortal Kombat, so they rather went with a human-looking fighter.

How Mortal Kombat’s Raiden Differs From Japanese Mythology

Mortal Kombat

Indeed, even past visual contrasts, Mortal Kombat’s Raiden and the Japanese lord of thunder share practically no similitudes, besides their authority over lightning. Tobias needed players to confide in the position Raiden had as a divine being and made him a tutor of sorts, being a power of equilibrium and great in the series.

Raijin, then again, is a power of annihilation and naughtiness in many portrayals. He is frequently displayed as an irate, threatening evil presence, glad to pour down obliteration. However Raijin is now and again accommodating, he is by and large a power of mayhem. One story credits Raijin and his sibling Fujin, who additionally shows up as a person in Mortal Kombat, for making a tempest to sink Mongol boats to stop their attack, as indicated by the student of history Gregory Wright.

More about Raijin

On Mythopedia, Wright clarifies Raijin comes from The Land of the Dead, where he was brought into the world after the passing of his mom. Izanami, a goddess of creation and demise, making Raijin himself “a being of death.” He conveys a drum to make thunder and is the bearer of a downpour. He is disrespectful and is said to overlook ministers, priests, and heads, however, he will notwithstanding, submit to different divinities above him.

A few stories say Raijin abducts and eats kids who don’t conceal their bellybuttons since he is desirous of people in view of his unnatural birth. These portrayals illustrate a malignant and vicious power of nature – a colossally unique person from MK’s Raiden. In any case, without Raijin, Mortal Kombat wouldn’t have one of its now-most famous characters in any case.

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