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GTA Online Players Celebrate Car Meet Update With Memes

GTA Online

GTA Online Updates: The new Los Santos Tuners update has finally been released and players have already started celebrating the event with various memes. This was the first-ever major content update for GTA Online this year with the last major one being the Cayo Perico Heist which was released in December 2020.

Los Santos Tuner update is a  street-racing update with a Fast and Furious theme that has added multiple cars, heists, and races to the game. There is also a new combat-free hub area where players can show their cars to other players and upgrade them in real-time. This update was asked by many of the players and it seems that Rockstar has finally responded and given them the update.

Reddit has become the prime spot to find the memes of this update as usual. Many users have contributed and made many memes demonstrating the various updates that have been released. A few references of Avengers: Endgame and The Fast and Furious were also named about which many players have enjoyed watching.

GTA Online Memes

GTA Online

You can watch the other memes on the Reddit page of GTA online. Most of the memes actually show that there is a lot of excitement among the players that have actually been playing the game but have not received any major updates for a long time.

Los Santos Tuners, however, seems to have a bit more promise than those other recent additions though it is still too early to tell just how impactful it will be.

Rockstar appears to have bought some goodwill with the fanbase and perhaps even breathed a bit more life back into the title. The GTA online updates have been lined up to be a one summer and one winter update every year.

GTA 6 is far away to release and we have not even received any updates about it for a long time, we might as well enjoy the updates that they are giving to GTA 5 online. Rockstar had the right content planned for the right time and hopefully, it lives up the hype for the GTA Online player base. Let us know what you think and make sure to stay tuned for more updates.