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Nicolas Cage describes acting opposite a pig — and reveals his favorite fast food

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Updates: Nicolas Cage is known for his phenomenal performances in Con Air, Wild at Heart, Face/Off, and many other such incredible movies. His performance in each of them has been nothing short of brilliant and his choice in films has gained him a reputation of always exploring new genres and styles of cinema.

This time the ever-exploring actor has yet again been seen in another thriller role in the movie ‘Pig’ where he dawns the character of Rob, a truffle hunter who travels alongside his trusty companion, a pig coincidentally named Pig.

Once a celebrity chef, Rob chooses to become a hermit for reasons known only to him and the story kicks off when his pet pig gets stolen and he has to rescue him. In some ways Pig was his only companion at the time and losing him would be a huge no-no for Rob.

Cage stated that while filming the movie he too had developed quite a connection with the pig unfortunately even after it passed away.

What Nicolas Cage Shared?

Nicolas Cage

Nicholas Cage has always loved working with animals as they have fascinated him since he was a little child and that proves true looking at his insane collection of pets ranging all the way from flying squirrels to Albino King Cobras valued at almost 300,000 dollars.

Whenever a film wraps its shooting, actors often treat themselves with new watches, fancy cars, and even maybe a brand new house but not Cage. He has a different celebration routine, one he has been following since he was a teenager.

Instead of buying fancy items, he drives himself straight to KFC to buy a fried chicken bucket and pairs Champagne to go along with it. Cage says that “The combination of this Americanized tempura chicken and champagne was absolutely unforgettable. I don’t know if I’d recommend doing that with a 9-year-old, but it was fun at the time!”.

We love how Cage still celebrates his achievements in the same cheerful way taught to him by his father at the shocking age of nine, but Cage isn’t complaining. Having done this for years together we can almost see it as a humbling feat for the beloved actor.

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