Black Adam Movie Filmed With Cutting Edge Camera Technology

Black Adam
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Black Adam Updates: The incredibly famous DCEU franchise has been teasing us with clips of the movie ‘Black Adam’ for a year with no photos or clips being released officially, a slick move but it seems to have worked because the DC fans are going crazy for the upcoming film.

Well, the film was initially supposed to start its shooting in 2020 but due to the advent of Covid-19, the filming was put on halt till further notice. I’m sure by now you must be asking who Black Adam is, all the DC fans know it by heart but for the uninitiated Black Adam is the nemesis of the superhero Shazam, even though the concept of his character is simple, the execution and finer details have arguably made him one of the finest antagonists in the DCEU.

In many ways, he is considered to be Shazam’s polar opposite where Shazam is driven by the need to protect his friends while Adam is driven by his thirst for revenge.

Black Adam Filming Details

Black Adam

Considering he is such an interesting character it is no surprise that the casting director has spared no expense as DwayneThe Rock Johnson has been cast for the role.

Being the engrossed enthusiastic personality he is, Dwayne Johnson is more than excited to be bringing the character to life and had immediately begun training to obtain the character’s physique and he has even shared with us some very interesting photos and facts.

Recently Dwayne posted a shirtless still from the movie where he strikes an intimidating and powerful pose and right behind him is an interesting camera in the background.

As stated by the soon to be Black Adam, the director of the movie Jaume Collet-Serra has used cutting edge technology to really bring the characters to life and the first piece of technology is a camera taking the film in 960 frames per second named BOLT while the industry standard is 24 frames per second, that’s when you know he’s serious.

With so much going for them, this film is sure to be a success and as captivating a personality ‘The Rock’ is he is sure to bring us the best possible version of Black Adam.