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Sly Stallone’s Rambo 6 Story Concept (Will It Happen?)

Rambo 6

Rambo 6 Updates: Rambo is a violent and dark war movie in Burma. After many years the character returned to his father’s farm in America and was ready to move on with his life. The Rambo character is found in the Farm even after the demise of his father.

There are many questions regarding the sequel of the movie. When the sequel is planned, what are the possibilities of the storyline to be Directed? These are the questions asked to the story writer and also the actor playing the character. As of now, the sequel is going to happen but not sure about the story that is going to take place.

Rambo: last blood

In this part, the character was found on the farm even after the death of his father. The story now makes his way to Mexico to save his surrogate daughter. There happens the mystery. The humans there make him remember his trauma and his past life. The movie ended with a sad story.

Rambo: First Blood

Here, the character is shown as a native American and German Descent.

The Rambo character can be saved only in the Indian Reservation. He can move to that place. If he moves on with the plan of moving to India, he will not be caught by the police. That is the only place where he will be saved and Rambo can heal himself.

Rambo 6 story:

Rambo 6

In the interviews, he says that Rambo 6 will see him reconnect with the American family. He says that the Rambo 6 movie will be likely to happen.

The Rambo 6 story will be too short. The last blood movie was produced for 5 million dollars. But it was not a hit and ended in so many negative reviews. Stallone also made conversation with David Morrell, the author who made the Rambo character in the First Blood Novel.

Stallone asks David Morrell to create the fifth part with a soulful connection to his life. There are many conversations going on with the sequel. Still, the cast and crew members are not sure of the release after the loss in the previous part.

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