When Joe Jonas Reacted To Taylor Swift Regretting Her ‘Slamming’ 25-Second Breakup Call Remarks On The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Joe Jonas Updates: There are many lovely couple stories in the Hollywood industry. When it comes to short-lived couples there are remarkably few couples whom we can’t miss to mention.

One such couple is Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas, who broke up on a 25 second call. That seems hideous, right! Taylor revealed this incident in 2008 on Ellen DeGeneres Show.

While speaking to Ellen about her breakup, Taylor said that she has moved on with her life after the breakup and they hadn’t talked much since their breakup.

She also boasted that she would find someone in the future who would be great for her. She mentioned that when she find the right person for her life, she would not even remember the boy who broke up with her in a 25 seconds phone call.

What Joe Jonas shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Joe Jonas is now happily married to Sophie Turner and has a daughter named Willa. And Taylor is now having a serious relationship with Joe Alwyn.

When Swift once again appeared in Ellen DeGeneres’s show in 2019, she was questioned about the most rebellious thing she did as a teen. She replied that disclosing about her breakup with Jonas in this show was the most rebellious thing she did as a teenager. Now looking back to those memories she said that it is funny and it is just a teenage stuff.

Sometime after this interview, Joe spoke about Taylor’s regret to ITV Lorraine show’s Dan Wootton. He said that he felt nice about that breakup. At the end of the day, he moved on and he hopes that Taylor also moved on with her life. After all, they were so young.

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