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Ozark Season 4: Fans expose Ruth Langmore ‘plot hole’ as they spot odd feature with house

Ozark Season 4
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Ozark Season 4 Updates: Season four of Ozark is set to premiere later this year, and as fans wait for the final season of the Netflix series, many are binge-watching it. This is when several astute viewers noticed a major narrative hole with Ruth’s home.

Ruth Langemore (Julia Garner) is a fan favorite for being both goal-oriented and complex. Ruth was introduced to viewers in the first season as a bright adolescent whose circumstances drove her to grow knowledgeable above her years.

Ruth shared a trailer park with her cousin Wyatt Langmore and father Cade Langmore. Ruth wanted her family to have a better life, so she urged Wyatt to attend college. So, when she saw Byrde had a lot of money, she started stealing it while working at the motel where the family was staying. When Ruth was apprehended, Marty informed her that the money belonged to a Mexican cartel.

Ozark Season 4: Plot Holes

Ozark Season 4
Daily Express

Marty was involved in a money-laundering plan that went bad when he was in Chicago, so he made a deal with the cartel to keep his life. He promised to relocate to the Ozarks for the purpose of laundering $500 million over the course of eight years.

Ruth’s living situation perplexed viewers, as she continued to live in the trailer while receiving a stable paycheck at Marty’s casino and even acquiring a new automobile.

One fan took to Reddit to share their confusion: “Why or why do Ruth and Three nonetheless stay the place they do? She makes good cash working for Marty.

“Sure, her dad dashed her goals of the home with a white picket fence, however, why hasn’t she moved to a good condominium or not less than improve the trailers a bit?”

One other fan responded: “As a result of within the first season, Marty warns her to not purchase costly gadgets that will draw consideration to herself”.

Maybe in season 4, viewers will see Ruth lastly buy a model new dwelling for herself.