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Mass Effect 3: How to Recruit the Prothean Squadmate, Javik

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Updates: Having a Prothean on Shepard’s side might be extremely useful when it comes to creating the Crucible, but they must first find one.

Commander Shepard needs all the aid he can get to fight the Reapers in Mass Effect 3. Cerberus and the Illusive Man, unfortunately, are abusing their power and resources to the detriment of mankind and the rest of the cosmos.

Shepard was able to return to Eden Prime after downloading the From the Ashes DLC, where Admiral Hackett got word that Cerberus not only now occupies the colony, but they’ve also discovered a Prothean relic that might be useful to the war effort.

Liara is a required squadmate on this assignment due to her expertise in Prothean relics. Shepard and his team will be up against a swarm of protected and armored Cerberus agents, thus having someone with abilities like Overload and Incinerate will be quite useful in rapidly dispatching opponents. After finishing “Priority: Citadel I” and returning to Normandy, this assignment becomes accessible.

Mission: Find The Artifact

Take the road to the first outbuildings after arriving on Eden Prime. Enter the building on the right and take the med-kit and computer for 3000 credits. This area also contains a terminal. Examine it to learn about the Eden Prime Resistance Movement and to begin that quest as well.

Return outside and take the way to the elevator, which will take you to the Prothean artifact. After a brief examination, Liara concludes that it is a stasis pod containing a living Prothean. The pod was damaged during the exhumation process, and the life signals within are presently unstable.

When Shepard attempts to open the pod, Liara realizes that they must first locate the command signal that stops stasis mode before attempting to physically open the capsule. Cerberus drops a Centurion and two Nemesis snipers before the group can return to the laboratories and seek the command signal and pod-opening instructions. Immediately dispatch them and begin the trip toward the labs in the facility’s back corner.

Mass Effect 3 Mission: Learn How To Open The Pod

Mass Effect 3

As you walk away from the hibernation capsule, make your way to the science buildings. Enter Building 5 from the left and salvage the equipment for 3000 credits. This facility also houses Cerberus intelligence for the resistance organization.

Return to the outdoors and turn left to enter the next building. Cerberus Engineers, Troopers, and Centurions await attack in the courtyard beyond. Take them out, salvage the adjacent equipment for 6000 credits, gather additional Cerberus intelligence from the nearby console, and take the med-kit.

Bypass the door to get entry to the Cerberus study on ancient Protheans, taking the med-kit before gaining access to the computer panel. At this moment, a cutscene plays in which Shepard witnesses the Prothean Reaper invasion as though they were present.

A VI called Victory is speaking with a Prothean about their intentions to bunker below in hibernation pods, but the Reapers have already killed over 30,000 of their people. Shepard has learned how to open the Prothean lifespan after emerging from the vision, but they still need to find the Command Signal.

Back outside, take the left stairs up through the courtyard. Follow another set of stairs into a colony home, where you will discover four dead bodies, slain by Cerberus as they were relaxing in their home. Cerberus is waiting on the opposite side of the exit, and a turret is already in place.

Battle your way through them, rapidly taking out the turret and destroying all opponents before going across the courtyard. Enter the next lab room and rescue the desk equipment for 3000 credits before accessing the console for the next Prothean flashback sequence, which depicts the soldier loading his gun for an assault of Collectors rushing the area. With the command signal, Shepard returns to the current moment.

Mission: Open The Pod

Shepard and the crew return to the landing location with everything they need to break the stasis and release the pod, but Cerberus will not let them. Two shuttles swoop overhead, dropping down a large number of troops, including two engineers and four troopers. Remove them and proceed to the building on the left with the entrance.

More engineers, Centurions, and three turrets await on the other side of the entrance. Battle until you reach the bridge section when Liara learns they’ve retracted the bridge and the squad must find another route back to the platform.

Jump down and to the left, climbing the two ladders that lead upward. Leap across the vented ducks at the first structure visited and ready to protect the stasis pod against Cerberus. Multiple opponents appear and drop, and eliminating them fast will result in a brief respite to rush into the building and refill ammo before a massive ATLAS mech joins the conflict.

Overload and Inferno will assist in breaking through the mech’s barriers, or a high enough Sabotage power will allow you to temporarily control the mech and turn it on other Cerberus foes to help wipe them out.

After clearing the area, travel to the stasis pod for a sequence in which Shepard can open the pod and talk to the Prothean within. He will identify himself as Javik, and while Liara is overjoyed to be standing in front of a living Prothean, considering her lifelong studies, he is less than thrilled to find himself alone Prothean among the plethora of primitive species his own people previously examined like laboratory experiments.

When the task is completed, Javik joins Shepard onboard the Normandy and becomes a full-fledged squad member with a couple of special talents and a thirst for revenge against the Reapers who killed his people 50,000 years ago.

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