Mass Effect 3: Aboard The Dreadnought

Mass Effect 3 primary concern is to gain Galactic strength and regrouping the allies. As most of the races in the galaxy have started to…

Published: July 10th, 2021 6:12 am | Updated: July 10, 2021 6:12 am

Mass Effect 3 primary concern is to gain Galactic strength and regrouping the allies. As most of the races in the galaxy have started to fall in line with Commander Shepard in assisting him to stop the Reapers, yet the Quarian Flotilla maintained their silence.  When Quarians eventually approached Admiral Hackett, he sent Shepard to visit Quarian Admirals at Dholem in the Far Rim, who was facing a great threat of extinction by their synthetic creations.

When the synthetic race faced a great threat from their creators, they accepted the aid of Reapers and now they are transmitting a destructive Reaper signal from the  Geth dreadnought. This made Quarians seek Shepard’s help to disable the destructing reaper signal, so the fleet can fall back. If Tali’Zorah survived ME2’s suicide mission, she joins hands with Shepard in this mission otherwise Admiral Xen will talk through the mission.

Mass Effect 3: Gameplay

The mission starts with Shepard trying to get aboard the dreadnought. He must steer across the docking tube to enter the dreadnought. There won’t be any real threat or battle and he cannot leave the docking tube. On reaching the hatch, the docking tube breaks away from the dreadnought. This forces Shepard to find another entrance for their squadmates to join them.

Move down and by turning left you will find a Shotgun smart choke. Acquire the shotgun before climbing your way back up and move around right towards the ladder that leads upward. After climbing the ladder, turn right into a new airlock. Before climbing the next ladder on the right that leads to the control terminal, grab the Geth data for 1,875 credits.

Once you reach the control terminal, it opens the airlock for Shepard’s squadmates. You can see a quick cutscene of Tali handing over a weapon to Shepard if Tali is Still alive. Then acquire the Arc pistol before proceeding into the Geth Defence Network to activate the bridge controls. Pickup the GUARDIAN Défense data and also Sniper Rifle with Enhanced Scope that is available before the Bridge controls.  Use them to eliminate the Geth hostiles before climbing down the ladder and fighting off more Geth at the bottom

Mass effect 3

Now proceed cautiously along the path to the next doorway, as it will be filled with mines. Stepping on mines will activate it and explodes. To set off mines from the distance use power or shoot at them.  But if the mines are unwittingly set off, the team rolls back to minimize the blast range thus minimizing the damage taken. There is another Geth data pickup of 2,500 credits before the next door.  Get pass through the door into a room with an Archon visor and two control centers, which will update Shepard and the squad about the battle going on outside the dreadnought. The following room has a Geth Pulse Rifle, equip it before moving into the Operations center, where Tali plans to eliminate the Reaper signal.

The operations room is overwhelmed by Geth along with Hunter and Troopers. Fight through them and after their elimination pick up the Geth Data with 1,250 credits and also the SMG scope.   The data console at the center will be analyzed by Tali, only to realize that they have been locked out. She plans a way to make the ship believe there’s a fire. This opens the maintenance tube, in which they can reach the Drive Core to shut it out.

Opening the shaft will bring more hostile Geth into the room, fight your way to the back of the room where you can find a shaft on the left which is opened by Tali. Bypass the door and climb down the ladder on the left. Grab Geth data of 1,250 credits, then climb down the third ladder into the area outside the ship’s main battery. You can find a medkit before the door, acquire it before proceeding into the area.

Shepard’s shield will be disabled by the electromagnetic pulse from the Main Battery causing him the damage unless he is in a cover.  The pulse can be predicted as it makes a sound each time the dreadnought fires.  There will be multiple Geth Hunters and Troopers in this area. Tali’s sabotage power comes in handy in this area as it hacks the Geth and turns them against themselves thus changing the course of the battle.  After the first two Geth waves are eliminated, head towards the maintenance lock on the left.

Grab the Geth data and activate the lock, leave the tube as quick as possible. Staying in the tube for a long time will kill Shepard when the electromagnetic pulse wave is fired.  Eliminate the Geth waiting at the other side of the tube. After eliminating the Geth, proceed toward the end and take the left side ramp to enter the next control panel.  Bypass the door and get through the second door to access the elevator.

Before climbing the elevator, acquire the Geth data, worth 1,875 credits. A cutscene will be played showing two Geth firing at Shepard which makes him fly swiftly and falls on the ground. Tali will come to the aid of Shepard and pulls him to safety. They climb up the ladder and acquire the medkit then further proceed into the Drive core for deactivating the Geth Signal.

When Shepard reaches the Drive core, a cutscene is played revealing Legion(if he survived the ME2) or a Geth VI.  It also reveals that it can shut down the reaper signal but Shepard has to release it first. Grab the Assault rifle with a precision scope before heading up the ladder. Then recover the Geth Material for 2,500 credits.  Free the Legion/GethVI by overriding the data core and accessing the panel.

Deactivating the signal makes Geth’s enemies drop down the attempt to stop Shepard and crew from escaping the dreadnought. Try eliminating the enemies while escaping the dreadnought through the escape hatch, where legion/Geth Vi will have transportation ready for escape. Rush towards the Geth Ship, but the walkway under the Shepard collapses dropping them to a lower level.  But there is a straight path to meet back up with the legion/Geth VI and escape the ship.

Mass Effect 3 After the mission is over, Legion/Geth VI will be in the War Room which shocks the Quarian Admirals.  Mass effect 3 The end of the mission unlocks the next set of missions which depends on bringing peace between the Geth and Quarians or destroying an entire race to reclaim the Quarian Homeworld: Rannoch