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Apple Watch Series 7 Rumor Roundup: Design Changes & Features To Expect

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 Updates: The Apple Watch Series 7 has the rumor that it is getting a new design, as for iPhone 12, with a better CPU and amazing new health monitoring functions.

Every year since its introduction, the Apple Watch has gotten a hardware upgrade, and the Apple Smartwatch Series 7 will undeniably include multiple changes, including faster processors, upgrades to display technology, and the latest fitness and health capabilities.

An improved design, the first substantial alteration to the appearance of the Apple Watch, has also been suggested. The announcement will most probably be made during Apple’s Fall, but early rumors assist give some insight into what Apple’s new wearable will expect.

The initial Apple Watch was released in April 2015, to mixed reviews at the time, but it went on to become the most popular smartwatch in the United States and around the world. The Apple Watch Series 2 was launched in September 2016 and has an enhanced display and improved water resistance, the Apple Watch Series 1 and the Series 2.

In fall 2017 a single version, the Apple Watch Series 3, was introduced and is still available on Apple’s website as a low-cost option. The fourth quarterly rollout trend continued with the next year’s Apple Watch Series 4 through 6, with quicker performance, higher screens, and greater health tracking capabilities.

Apple also released an inexpensive variant called the Apple Watch SE in 2020, which is very similar to the Series 5 but without the ECG capability. Apple offers three price ranges, beginning at $199, for smartwatches that cater to different types of individuals.

Rumors concerning the Apple Watch Series 7 emerged in September of 2020, much before the Series 6 debuted. Apple expert Ming Chi-Kuo of 9to5Mac predicted that a big change to the Apple Watch’s appearance would arrive in 2021.

While details were scant at the time, rumors of a flat-edged form immediately gained traction. This would be in line with the design of the iPhone 12, iPad Air 4, iPad Pro, and, more recently, the new iMac, lending credence to the idea. In a YouTube video, Jon Prosser claims to have seen photos of the Apple Watch Series 7 and confirms that it will have flat sides. Furthermore, Prosser claimed that it might be offered in a pale green color that is similar to that of the AirPods Max headphones.

Specifications for the Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7

While no definitive information has been released, there have been reports about additional health monitoring hardware being added to the Apple Watch Series 7. In 2018, an Apple patent filing proposed an optical sensor that may be able to scan at greater depth.

This may be applied to blood glucose monitoring, which would be of particular relevance to diabetic users while also providing a relevant health statistic for all wearers. Normally, blood glucose analysis involves a pinprick and a blood drop; however, optical readers are being explored by numerous medical firms.

If Apple can release an Apple Watch with this improved sensor, it will be a technological milestone on par with the ECG capability that debuted with the Apple Watch Series 4. A blood pressure sensor has also been described in a patent, which would be a significant victory for Apple’s health-focused initiatives.

There has also been speculation about a ruggedized version of the Apple Watch. There are already stainless steel and titanium alternatives, but a rubberized coating may aid with scratch resistance.

When the Apple Watch Series 7 is released, customers may expect it to have a speedier CPU and a better display. Rumors of a microLED display for the Apple Watch have decreased, but it was suggested as a possibility last year.

This could increase the always-on functionality, possibly allowing for maximum brightness all day, as opposed to the Series 6’s dimming when the arm is down. An Apple Watch currently requires an iPhone for initial setup, however, some functionalities can be utilized without an iPhone.

If the 2021 model removes that need, there is a chance that sales will skyrocket as it becomes available to Android phone users. The Apple Watch Series 7 will continue Apple’s quest to improve the world’s most popular wearable.

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