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Loki Star Found Marvel’s Intense Secrecy Easy


Loki Updates: Star Loki, Wunmi Mosaku has revealed that she has found the intense secrecy of  Marvel easy while working on the upcoming series of Disney+. The newest series of Marvel has arrived on the streaming platform this Wednesday, with Tom Hiddleston going to return as the fan-favorite God of Mischief.

The series will be going to pick up after he has escaped with the Tesseract in the Avengers: Endgame which has followed an older version of the character as he has popped up throughout the history of human and, in keeping with his unruly person it finds out trouble while inadvertently impacting the historical events.

As he teased in the multiple trailers and teasers, Loki is going to be punished for stealing the Tesseract and has been shattering the reality by the Time Variance Authority which is an organization, which is led by the mysterious Timekeepers.

The TVA is in charge of protecting the timeline which is what Loki broke when he was disappeared in Endgame. The task of going after the god was of a high-ranking TVA soldier, Hunter B-15, which is played by Wunmi Mosaku. In a clip of 50-second which is dropped by Marvel Studios, an agent discovers Mosaku, Loki, the “variant” in the barren desert and has accused him of breaking the sacred timeline.

Loki Marvel’s Secrets


According to Mosaku, keeping the details of the surroundings in the series of a secret from her friends and family was a breeze. She has also explained how industry professionals and MCU fans alike are not bothering to ask her questions in regards to her involvement in the series, as they have understood the significance of keeping the details of Loki a secret.

Screen Rant was also able to sit down with the star ahead of the debut of the series, where she has shared her experience working under the notorious secrecy of Marvel in regards to their upcoming releases.

Mosaku has also commented about the response to the famously strict security, of Marvel Studio about their upcoming and future projects. MCU actors have also given little information while on set, with most of the actors receiving just their part of the script.

Marvel also tends to hold private test screenings as she has opposed public ones. This has been an extra measure of security that helps them keep the risk of leaks lower, as fewer people have access to the information revealed in the movies. These measures of security have not always been effective.

Tom Holland is the one who is playing the role of the Peter Parker of MCU in the last 5 Spider-Man movies and is very famous for accidentally letting MCU spoilers slip. In a 2017 interview with AlloCiné, Holland has accidentally revealed the plans about the release of 2 of more Spider-Man sequels while doing press for the Spider-Man: Homecoming.