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This Is Us Season 6: Rebecca & Beth Bring Out the Best in Each Other

This Is Us Season 6

This Is Us Season 6 Updates: In the latest episode of This is Us Season 5 in episode 15,” Jerry 2.0”. Beth and Rebecca’s bond have brought out the best in each other in both the present and in the past.

They both have attended the bachelorette party of Madison and have found strength and liberation in each other unrelated to the festivities. In the past, Rebecca has been helping guide Beth when she has needed some advice and support about the summer internship.

In the flashback, Rebecca has also helped Beth to gain the confidence for accepting a summer internship in Boston. Rebecca also takes Kevin and his wife Sophie, Kate, Randall, and Beth to the cabin for the weekend.

Sophie has expressed the fact that she would have found it difficult to be in a long-distance relationship with Kevin, and Randall thinks that the hesitation of Beth about the internship stems from the same concern.  Beth has also confided in Rebecca that she is not worried about making her relationship with Randall working in long distances.

This Is Us Season 6 All About Beth & Rebecca

This Is Us Season 6

Instead of it, Beth is worried about the taking up of another endeavor where she could have ended up failing. She has also still been recovering from the failure of her dance career and the internship opportunity is going to be very intense and competitive. She has been scared of failing all over again.

Rebecca also shares that she used to be a singer and understands how difficult it can be for moving on from a failed dream. Then she has encouraged Beth and says that she will be going to be great at the internship, which would help Beth to feel comfortable to go after her dreams again.

During the same weekend, after being able to talk to Beth, Rebecca has started to feel like life is going back to normal like she could have been able to find love again after the death of Jack.

At the bachelorette party in the present, Beth has got an email about some of the potential job opportunities at the prestigious ballet academies.

Beth does not want to share the news with the group, but Rebecca has recognized that something is going on with her and has reached out to find out what is going on. Beth has explained that she was worried about accepting any of these job opportunities because her experience with these kinds of dance academies are the one that damaged her relationship with the art form,

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