Sims 4 Teases Countryside Expansion Pack With Special Postcards

Sims 4

Sims 4 Updates: Postcards have been sent out to many players and creators from the Sims Community that teases a new pack, showcasing the landscapes of a countryside town and an official reveal date with it.

Popular Sims players from around the world have received postcards teasing the latest expansion for Sims 4, which hints new countryside location. The Sims was released back in 2014 as the successor of the Sims 3, which features expansions of building systems and better improved visual quality.

The Sims and other simulators have transformed from a niche into the mainstream in terms of player count, the games have risen drastically in the last few years.

After the release, Electronic Arts has released a huge chunk of free and paid content up until this date, and with the latest pack, Dream Home Decorator also to release at the beginning of June.

However, the developers are often into a jugular with a divide in opinion of their huge player base. Some players are excited over the new addition to the game while others are groaning at another piece of paid content – which has brought the total cost of the game to hundreds of dollars for the whole experience.

Sims 4 Special Postcards

The Sims 4

Some of the popular Sims players have been receiving postcards in the mail hinting at the new pack which is coming to the game. The postcard highlights a new countryside town called Henford – on – Bagley along with a preview image of the town covering the front of the postcard; it also reads a message on the card stating, “We are so pleased you’re joining us on Henford – on – Bagley!

I’m sure you will enjoy the quaint countryside life. Do come to visit at our Garden Stall when you arrive!” Underneath the letter, it also revealed the worldwide announcement stream for the pack available on the Youtube channel TheSims on June 10th, 8.00 AM PT.

This has led the fans from the Sims community to go wild and there are numerous speculations and rumors floating on the internet with the revelation of what will the new pack include. The speculated theme of countryside farm may indicate the ability for players to run their own farm, which is a much–anticipated request by the community.

Whatever the features it may dish out all will be crystal clear when the official stream starts on June 10th. With excitement and expectations running high the pressure is on the developers of the game to deliver a satisfactory reveal of the game to the community.