Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade’s New Secret Boss Revealed By Trophy List

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Updates: The trophies list for the Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has been released and has shed light on the new secret boss that is in the game.

The trophy list for Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade has been released online, and it has revealed the identity of a new secret boss which has been added to the game.

The Final Fantasy is well known for incredibly difficult post-story bosses, the most famous ones being the Emerald and Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy 7.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a lot of potential for secret bosses, and top that off there is an entire Compilation of FF7 that can be mined for enemies.

The developers could unleash Jade Weapon from Before Crisis, Minerva from Crisis Core, or the Tsviests from Dirge of Cerebus onto Cloud and friends. But recent revelation concludes that the only secret bosses are Bahamut and a new enemy called Pride and Joy, which was a robot that battled in Shinra Combat Simulator.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Secret Boss

Final Fantasy 7

Keeping in mind the FF7 Remake Intergrade is coming out with an upgraded version on PS5, the game is going to feature two DLC chapters that star Yuffie, that runs alongside the main game.

New content is also going to be added to the main storyline, and as it is confirmed now Cloud will be able to fight against Weiss the Immaculate in Intergrade. The trophy list of Intergrade has been released online which includes 9 trophies to the game and one of them has revealed the identity of the new secret boss.

According to the trophy list, there is a new version of Pride and Joy that can be battled in Intergrade, the trophy is named “Ultimate Weapon 2.0”, which can be clinched after defeating a creature called the Pride and Joy MK 0.5. It’s still unclear whether this is battled by Yuffie and Sonson while they are in their chapters, or is this something that can be battled in the main game itself.

This does come out as a bit of disappointment to the fans to see another version of the existing secret boss instead of new ones, but it could play very much different than the original one, or it may be a possibility that the developers wanted to get out a more improved, toughened version of the Pride and Joy in the game, as many of the players do deem it to be weaker than the Bahamut.

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