Elder Scrolls 6: Fun Skryim Glitches That Should Definitely Reappear

Elder Scrolls 6

Elder Scrolls 6 Updates: Skyrim’s errors and glitches are more sought after than the actual gameplay by the fans, who would want to see some of these funny errors reappear in Elder Scrolls 6.

From its release in 2011, Skyrim has held the title as one of Bethesda’s most reliably entertaining games to revisit. As of now, players do not mind the glitches and the errors of the game but these have become a part of identity and a successful one for the game.

Because of this, the fans of the game are hoping to see more of Skyrim’s more unusual errors to be a part of The Elder Scrolls 6.

The game is an open-world RPG, player freedom is the core essence of Skyrim’s gameplay, meaning the game has to take into account every possible action. It seems like a guarantee that no amount of bug testing, no matter how reliable, could take account of the errors that occur within the game.

While a majority of fans praise Skyrim for its strong replay value, this feature has also hindered the playing experience in terms of stability.

There is a possibility that these errors and glitches will be repaired in the next Elder Scrolls release, which is under development by Bethesda. What exactly are the glitches which are sought after let’s have a look.

Elder Scrolls 6: Skyrim Glitch – Flying Mammoths

Elder Scrolls 6

Dragons are not the only creature that flies in the game and players have to look out for mammoths too- though they are not given that much time to dish out damage to the players.

Many times Horses also tend to float, along with various other enemies. This occurs mainly because of an error that results when spawning creatures onto a distant terrain.

Skyrim Glitch – Living Mannequins

Sometimes glitches can turn from humor to a horror show and such is the case with mannequins of the game Skyrim. Within the script of the game, these are not technical objects but they are placed as NCP’s that are reskinned in particular poses.

But when the script breaks, they tend to act normal and move around running around the house for a brief period of time. This unsettling glitch surely adds a layer of fun and fans are hoping this the be part of Elder Scrolls 6.

Skyrim Glitch – Basket Being Foolproof

Well, this is not entirely a bug or a feature but either way, it is funny and has become iconic for Skyrim fans. The NCP’s in the game can be detected if they make too much noise or wear heavy armor, but by placing a basket or bucket over an NCP’s head, players can turn themselves into hollow men, making them invisible.

This makes it incredibly easy for them to steal something from characters. Many of the fans are hoping that Elder Scrolls 6’s AI will have a plan as such which will provide a unique gameplay experience.